10 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known As A First Time Mom

I found myself wholly unprepared for some of the changes I would experience in my life after Logan was born–both physically and emotionally. I guess because these are things that aren’t discussed much. Or because people didn’t want to freak me out for fear of causing instant labor. Who knows? But, I’m sharing them with you now!
1.) That my hair would start falling out. It’s terribly traumatic to have clumps of your hair start falling out every time you shampoo or brush it. Not too mention, you’re sleep deprived and jump to worst case scenario–you’re losing all your hair! Imagine my relief when I found out it’s perfectly normal. Would’ve been nice to know!
2.) That my belly would be deflated and flabby and that I could benefit from a belly wrap to help keep it all together. In fact, I think it would’ve been helpful in keeping me from waddling as much right after. Plus, it helps your belly go back to normal.
3.) That it might be a good idea to invest in or borrow a shower chair. I was so sore after my labor, and some tearing I’d rather forget, that I couldn’t stand for long periods of time and if I wanted to shower, I needed to sit in the bathtub and get clean. It was hard to get into and hard to get out. Ugh.
4.) That getting on and off the toilet unless you’re lucky enough to have the raised elderly seat is quite literally a pain in the rear. Ouch!
5.) That I would smell like a sweaty man. Seriously, I’ve never smelled BO like that! It took two weeks for my smell to return to normal. I couldn’t believe a shower and deodorant couldn’t touch the odor. Oddly enough, my husband couldn’t smell it. Weird, right?
6.) That I would cry at everything. Yes. Everything. I spent more time in tears in the weeks of postpartum recovery than I ever have in my whole life combined. Happy tears. Sad tears. Bored tears. Tired tears. You name it, I teared up about it. 
7.) That you’re going to argue with your spouse/partner more because you’re exhausted and stressed, but this doesn’t mean your relationship is failing or that you shouldn’t have become parents. Just ride it out. It won’t last long.
8.) That there will come a point that your husband, no matter how devoted a father, will become jealous of your new little bundle of joy because the baby takes all your attention. He’s feeling a little sad about this, but he’ll quickly get over it. Try to give him a little extra love in the meantime.
9.) That everyone in the world will want to come see the baby and you’ll feel awkward saying no. You’re exhausted, you’re filthy, and you’re in no condition to entertain, but the visitors will come anyway. Next time, I’m being ‘mean’ and just saying no in the first two weeks.
10.) That when your new baby is asleep, you still won’t be sleeping because you’ll either be watching him/her sleep or you’ll be nervous some horrible fate will befall them if you close your eyes. I blame the latter on why I didn’t sleep the first two months. 
 11.) Oh, and everything that you go through is totally worth it! 
Did you experience any of these? What do you wish you had known about being a mom? Are other moms just too polite to scare a pregnant lady with the harsh realities? 

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