10 Things To Do With A Car Screamer

I was lulled into a false sense of security because for the first month of his life, Logan was the best car companion. Then month two hit. He would scream bloody murder no matter what variable I attempted to change to make him more comfortable in the car. By the time you had gotten to him to take him out of the car seat, he had sweat through all his clothes and his eyes were bloodshot. It was for the birds. Not too mention, mentally draining. I cannot sit there and listen to my child cry without feeling irked. I just can’t do it. Thank the good lord, he has gotten a lot better! But some days just go bad, so for the days that don’t go your way, think of this list and laugh.

1.) Convince yourself that you can ride it out.
2.) Turn the radio up to drown out the piercing screams.
3.) Pretend you’re in a terrorist situation and ignore it because you’re not giving into the demands.
4.) Pull over to the side of the road and feed the baby.
5.) Pull over to the side of the road and cry.
6.) Scream, too. Seriously, when in Rome…
7.) Attempt to distract them with toys you normal wouldn’t allow them to have–cell phones, coffee sleeves, spoons.
8.) Try reasoning with the baby. If you stop crying, I’ll *fill in blank here*
9.) Realize that none of these tactics are working and safely speed like a crazy person the rest of the way home.
10.) Have your mind explode when upon arriving home you realize that your baby has fallen asleep. (Oh yes, this has happened to me. More than once. >.<)

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