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*I received these items free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

Since I began my journey to a more environmentally friendly and overall healthier lifestyle, I have been avoiding candles. I loved the relaxing ambiance that comes from the warm glow of a candle and having my home smell great, but I worried about inhaling dangerous carcinogens that come from burning of paraffin wax, whether or not the scents added are toxic, and even the wick itself. I was unbelievably disappointed to get rid of my Scentsy® melts because I enjoyed them daily, but ultimately did it for the greater good.  It’s been 4 long years without purchasing any candles or Scentsy® melts, and I didn’t even replace my cherry blossom wax warmer after it broke. Honestly, I hadn’t spent much time looking around for non-toxic options, nor did our budget as a one-income family leave any room for “frivolities,” so we just did without. But, by what I would call beautiful happenstance, Penelope & Lou Candles followed me on Pinterest, so I reached out to them last week and I’m so happy I did!

Penelope & Lou Candles is a husband/wife owned and operated small business right here in Wichita Falls, Texas! Read more about them and how they launched their company here. They hand-make all their candles and melts; crafting their own unique scents. The moment I checked out P&L’s website, I knew I wanted to try out Cup O’ Joe. As an avid coffee drinker, only rivaled by my husband, I definitely needed one of these soy wax, Eco-friendly, and vegan coffee candles for our home. End of story. But more than that, I relished the chance to review a small business with products that focused heavily on the same green ideas that I value.

Penelope & Lou Candles utilizes mason jars to home their hand-poured candles, so that you can then re-purpose the jar whenever your candle burns down. The wicks are made of core-less cotton and woven paper to burn cleaner and self-trim, no lead or zinc wire core is needed to keep it upright or burning. What this means is less soot, smoke, and mushrooming in your home and on your walls. Penelope and Lou also works hard to send their products in recyclable materials. The boxes, packaging, and cards that accompany your order have been and can all be recycled (even the plastic)!  In case the company wasn’t working hard enough to make the world a cleaner and greener place, their candles are free of toxic additives and carcinogens that make “traditional” candles dangerous. What this ultimately means is I don’t have to feel guilty about burning them in our home around our children. That’s a peace of mind that’s worth $20 for a 16oz artisan candle!

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Jar after 10+ hours of burning

So far, we’ve burned our 16oz Cup O’ Joe candle several times, but one thing I find to be fantastic is that even if you only burn it for short time, the aroma infuses the room and leaves it smelling amazing for a couple of hours after you’ve extinguished it. The longevity of this candle is pretty darn incredible. We have enjoyed this treat for about 10 hours and have lost less than an inch in the jar.

While we have yet to burn our melts because we need to acquire a new wax warmer, I have been opening them up on occasion to savor them; longing for when we can appreciate them in our home as well. I already know that Cool Cat is going to be perfect for cold season as it’s fresh soothing fragrance contains Peppermint & Eucalyptus, which is marvelous for opening up your sinus passages and easing headaches. Penelope and Lou recommends using this candle or melt in your bathroom combined with a steam or hot shower for extra allergy relief! Grandma’s Special Sauce is the perfect mix of spicy and fruity. A gentle potpourri ideal for a Spring or Fall gathering where you’re serving fruits, cheeses, & sweet white wines or mixed drinks. Finally, Stay Gold has a very “warm, clean laundry” vibe. Therapeutic but with a slight edge, Stay Gold will make your house smell like you just did an incredible spring cleaning.

A few housekeeping points from Penelope & Lou:

“Soy wax burns cleaner, longer and cooler. It is recommended that you allow your candle to burn for at least two hours to get a proper melt pool. This will allow the candle to form its “memory” and will provide a better scent throw. If the candle is not given the proper memory burn it may cause the candle to tunnel down in the center causing a poor scent throw. It is advised that the candle is not burned for longer than 4 hours at time to prevent the glass from over-heating and cracking. Avoid blowing out a candle as this damages the wick. Allow the wax to completely cool and harden before lighting again.”

“Candles made from natural soy wax, often times, will have a frosting throughout and on the top of the candle. This does not, in any way, affect the quality or performance of the candle. People who are true to soy wax candles actually prefer and look for this characteristic to know that they are getting a true and natural soy wax candle.”

Soy Frosting
Soy Frosting on our Cup O’ Joe Candle


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Penelope & Lou Candles is going to award one lucky winner with an 8 oz candle or 3 melts, scent(s) of of their choice! Enter on Instagram & remember sharing is caring, so let all your friends know, too!

Enter to WIN an artisan soy wax candle or a set of melts from @penelope_lou_candles! Scent of your choice! Official Rules: This giveaway is in no way associated with Instagram. It is open to those living in the United States who are 18 years and older. Winner will not pay for shipping. This giveaway will end on Sunday, May 29th at midnight. Winner will be drawn by random the next day. To enter: *Make sure you're following both me & @penelope_lou_candles *Like this post for 1 entry *Tag a friend(s) for a bonus entry #vegan #penelougiveaway #ecofriendly #momlife #momblogger #penelopeloucandles #contest #instagood #GIVEAWAY #review #greenliving #soywax #candles #artisan #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocalbusiness

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