5 Ways The Pumpkin Patch Photoshoot Doesn’t Meet Expectations

All too often I’m guilty of missing out on a moment because I’m hanging back trying to land the perfect photograph. So, of course, I would be the type of mom who NEEDS an annual pumpkin patch photo. My expectations of these photos may or may not have any bearing whatsoever in reality.

So, 5 ways pumpkin patch photos don’t meet expectations:

1.) Inevitably, even though the pumpkin patch is just 5 minutes from your house, your child will fall asleep on the way there. This will leave you playing the “sit in the car till they wake up (hours from now) or wake them up” game.

2.) Since your child has napped, when they do wake up, they’re going to be groggy (cough, grumpy, cough) and there will be no smiles. Psh, you didn’t want happy pictures, right?
3.) You’ll forget something important for your camera. Be it the battery, larger memory card, or in our case the tripod, something critical will be left behind. We got creative and used pumpkins plus the timer setting to get our family photo. But, with our groggy child that wouldn’t smile, it had varied results.

4.) Those beautiful candid shots of your family romping around in nature, picking up pumpkins, and peeking thru turkeys will not be quite what you’re hoping since they’ll probably show you the extra weight you’ve put on, the strange faces you make while talking, and assure you that you need a new hairstyle or should’ve worn different clothes.

5.) Your child will not want to stay still and pose with you. They want to explore and couldn’t care less that they’re supposed to be photographing “memories.” They may even prefer you take a “hands-off” approach.

But, all-in-all, you’ll find that while the “perfect” pumpkin patch photos don’t always meet expectations; sometimes they EXCEED them.

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