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*I received this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own. *

I cannot deny that the backseat of our car looks a mess…pretty much all the time. It’s all in the pursuit of my toddler’s happiness. We’ve learned if the toddler is happy, we’re all happy. If he’s not, well, heaven help us. Which brings us back to our car where all manner of toys have been thrown in willy-nilly so that we’re never without our cars, books, & games arsenal. This is life with children. Be prepared or you’ll wish you were.

Now, I cannot stand this clutter. It sets me on edge to have such a messy car. Honestly, it makes me feel trapped. But, imagine if you could have a multipurpose toy–a car, coloring book, & game all-in-one. Consider how amazing it’d be if all that was needed to power this magical item was chalk and imagination, and it would always be available for use because it’s completely machine washable. This is the awesome moment where I tell you this item actually exists. You can efficiently reduce some of your car clutter and continuously reuse & recycle your Chalk & Talk from Little Mashers. Designed to entertain kids of all ages & stages, it’s ideal for road trips and restaurants. This low-profile toy will have parents everywhere going, “Why didn’t I know about this before?”

The Chalk & Talk comes in two series, but Travel works best for us since little man is completely entralled by big trucks. It is slim enough to fit in a purse or diaper bag, but interactive enough to keep a child’s attention for quite awhile. The fabric is heavy-duty without being scratchy which is ideal for little laps and can definitely take a toddler beating, survive the washer, & report for duty the next day.

Personally, I’m so thrilled that this book is machine washable because my experience with cleaning chalk off of surfaces is frustrating at best. Not too mention, except for those days the stars align just right, I rarely have time to go page by page cleaning off drawings. Little Mashers definitely kept parents’ convenience in mind when they created their product. The Chalk and Talk washed beautiful even in our hard well water.

My own happiness aside, the most important part is our little man absolutely loves it! For a toy to capture his attention and keep him willing to stay still for a good long while, it has to be special. Very few toys have managed this, but the Chalk & Talk is definitely one of them. I especially like that even at 3 years old, he can easily remove and replace the chalks without assistance. This feature is actually very important since when you’re traveling you don’t always have the ability to assist your kids with their toys in the backseat.

The Chalk & Talk has the power prevent car meltdowns, restaurant tantrums, and all other unpleasantness parents work so hard to avoid during outings. I’m definitely making it apart of our diaper bag must-haves!

Enter the Instagram giveaway for your chance to win a Chalk & Talk!! 3 winners will be chosen! Look for the official giveaway image & follow all the directions. Good luck! 💛

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