A look at the DockATot Grand

**I received this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

When discussing something as controversial as sleeping space for your new baby, and even your toddlers, I feel it important to say upfront that I am not a pediatrician or any other kind of doctor. I’m just a mom, trying out a product that I feel comfortable putting our daughter in. She is over a year old and perfectly capable of moving in her sleep to avoid risks like suffocation. I should also note that here in the U.S. the DockATot is not to be used in cribs, but rather only on level surfaces where baby can not get wedged. Finally, we are using a DockATot Grand. It is the larger size intended for children 9 months -3 years of age (or 40lbs). DockATot does carry a smaller size for newborns-8 months, which I would be completely comfortable using for supervised sleep if we were to have another baby.

Okay, with that out of the way, I’m happy to say that we have used the DockATot every single day since it arrived & absolutely love it! Truly, got here right before nap time, I unpacked it, and she napped in it immediately.

We share a family bed and up until now, we had to watch the baby monitor like hawks to make sure our son never touched the baby. Now we have this beautiful cushy barrier between the two of them and it rocks! They’re also sleeping better than before.

Surprisingly, it has really helped our son who sleeps outside the tot feel like he’s sleeping next to one of us and allowing him to rest more soundly. Meanwhile little girl feels snuggled as well and protected from big brother’s kungfu kicks.

For my birthday, my parents watched our kids and used the DockATot for nap time and thought it was amazing. It makes a great portable bed and is easily stored. Take it with you anywhere — hotels, camping, grandparents houses, etc.!

It also functions as a great tool for transitioning toddlers to their own bed by keeping them in a safe familiar space plus minimizing the risk they’ll roll out of the big kid bed.

We are huge fans of the DockATot! We’re even trying to get one over to my brother for his new baby. 

The DockATot is absolutely worth it’s price point! Shop here!





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  1. We love our Grand too! We only bedshare when my daughter is sick but it’s been a lifesaver. We do use it for other things though. It was perfect for camping!

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