A Mama’s Body Image Series: Body After ((TWO)) Babies

Mom and baby holding hands over mother's stretch marked belly

The beauty of growing as you get older is our capacity for change. I can say with absolute honesty that I love myself more now than I ever did before having children or even following the birth of our son. You can read my postpartum thoughts from 2014. I re-read that post and was surprised by some of how I felt, but the post-labor waddle I described, I have to say, is completely spot on. It is just such a bizarre sensation.

Postpartum mom with wrapped belly in the Bengkung Belly Binding Style

In my post after our son, I mentioned how I wish I had known about belly binding and after the birth of our daughter, I actually used a Bengkung Belly Binding. It made a HUGE difference! Just proof that when you know better, you can do better. But I’ve also worked on just being healthy; eating well, doing yoga when I can, and learning to be happy in my own skin. I’ve posted pictures of my postpartum body and stretch marks on social medias, which I never would’ve considered doing before. I feel confident. The Take Back Postpartum movement helped me. The real women sharing their stories that so closely mirrored my own helped me. And since I wanted to help other new mamas the way I was helped, I share, write, & talk about my postpartum body whenever I can. Thanks to my husband’s encouragement, I also stopped cropping out or hiding my belly in photos.

Mom in purple tank and grey shorts with sunglasses on her head and a teething necklace

I’ve worn belly baring bikinis and I’ve owned it because I didn’t care what anyone else thought. I was there to have fun with my kids and be proud of my body that created them.

Mom and Baby Girl in Swim Suits to go to the Beach

Post Partum Bikini Body

I’ve slowly started to lose weight, but on my own terms and without any societal pressure for the first time in my whole life.

I’ve learned that the more I love myself, and the more attractive I feel, the more confident I am. My husband in turn finds me even more beautiful. It’s a ridiculously positive cycle. It’s true what they say; confidence is sexy.

I also don’t care about my stretch marks anymore. I earned those. I carried two babies to full term. I endured 26+ of unmedicated labor with both babes. Plus, I’ve now sustained two little loves through breastfeeding. My stretch marks tell our story. The story of how my wondrous body has grown and changed all to care for them. They’re road maps of my mama journey.

Mom looks lovingly at baby on the bed while holding hands

Mom holds baby girl and toddler boy on her lap. All have big smiles

A father, mother, baby girl, and toddler boy take a family photo on the bed.

What is your postpartum win? Did you struggle with your new body? Did another mom inspire you to be nicer to youself?

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  1. I so loved this post and can totally relate I’m due with baby number three in about six weeks and my postpartum body is always hard for mebutvtryingvyi focus on all the good there is and caring and berthing a baby!

  2. You are beautiful mama! I love this post and completely relate. I have only had one baby but totally struggle some days with loving my postpartum body. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. “I’ve learned that the more I love myself, and the more attractive I feel, the more confident I am. My husband in turn finds me even more beautiful. It’s a ridiculously positive cycle.” It’s taken 3 kids to finally get it but I’m glad I did (slow learner here). I keep being shocked at how comfortable I am in my skin when I’m not nearly as “fit” as I was before.

  4. I gave birth to baby number three in April, and can relate to so much of what you said. I admire you. My confidence has taken a total hit, but I really need to learn to accept my new body!

  5. Oh goodness, I loved this post so much! I too was inspired by the taking back postpartum movement. I wish more women could be as comfortable and proud of their bodies and all that they have done.

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