A Trinket Trunk — Unique Handstamped Jewelry with an Unexpected Message ((#Review))

*I received these products for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that the items that bring me the most joy are the ones that are simple, beautiful, and heartfelt. One such piece is my green heart necklace that my husband (then fiancé) bought me from Pike Place Market in Seattle and gifted me when we met up for dinner. I cherish that heart. For me, the sentimental value will always be worth more than the monetary. So, when I found an adorable small business that makes affordable hand stamped jewelry, I just had to share it with you!

Bailee of A Trinket Trunk creates hand stamped jewelry that honors your life. Each piece is uniquely charming and makes the perfect gifts especially for moms if you shop The Mama Collection. For instance, my Mama Bear Cuff with our kids names inside is an everyday staple. I seriously never want to remove it because it is so cute, comfortable, doesn’t turn on my wrist, & brings me great joy.

I’d love to rock my Mama Bear Necklace everyday, too, but baby girl pulls pretty hard on necklaces, so it’ll be a special occasion piece for awhile. For that very reason, I layered it with one of my Baybee Boutique teething necklace when I wore it for my husband’s birthday party over the weekend. I have to say it stacked super well due to it’s length and I think it added a really sweet touch to my outfit. I also got to hear my toddler running around saying he loved my bear. Talk about bringing a huge smile to my face. The cutest!

Besides stunning gifts for moms, there are pretties for friends, like this gorgeous Be Here Now bracelet , which stacks perfectly with my Mama Bear Cuff! I love that both pieces are super light, yet sturdy for the always working mom. A Trinket Trunk also has equally lovely pieces for your significant others like this hand stamped wallet piece. I have an eye on one of those as a small Valentine’s Day present for my husband. I even have an idea for a gift I’d like for my birthday using the coordinates of where my husband and I met. It’d be perfect for Valentine’s Day as well, but we tend to keep it pretty low key, so I’m thinking birthday instead.

Unexpectedly, receiving both the Be Here Now bracelet and the Mama Bear cuff unveiled an important message. Stacked atop one another it reads, “Be here now, mama [bear].” This is something I struggle with. As a blogger, I’m continuously looking to capture that perfect moment. All too often, I’ll realize that I was documenting it instead of living it. What is the point of looking back on an event when you weren’t really present in the first place? I need to maintain a healthy balance, so my plan is to wear these two together every single day to give me a gentle reminder to make more time to read multiple stories, to sing a silly song, & to just be here now with them before they’ve grown up and I’ve missed my chance.

A Trinket Trunk has such exquisite yet simply designed jewelry that I think it only right you hear about this wonderful small business from the creator herself. Read through our interview below–I love everything Bailee has to say, but my favorite part is what she does on World Elephant Day! Way to give back!

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Interview with Bailee, creator of A Trinket Trunk:

About Bailee: 

I sell handmade jewelry and accessories for women, men, and children. I started stamping jewelry as a fun way to make unique gifts for friends and family. I opened my store 10 months ago in an effort to provide for my family while working from home.

What inspired your business name?
While trying to decide on a name, I stumbled across a beautiful elephant silhouette on a vintage circus flyer from the 1930’s. I have always loved elephants and I decided I wanted to use the art in my logo. I sell trinkets and elephants have trunks, so it all just sort of fit. In an attempt to honor my mascot, I donate all profits earned on World Elephant Day to organizations bringing awareness to the horrific reality of elephant poaching.

How do you decide what kind of pieces to make? 
I try to make pieces that I love and that I hope will spark joy in someone else. I have very sensitive skin, so the majority of my jewelry is made with hypoallergenic materials. I do make a few pieces in brass and copper for the lucky people who aren’t sensitive to it. I like my jewelry to be affordable, but not cheap. Most of the materials I use can be recycled and/or have already been recycled.

And what’s the hand stamping process like?
The hand stamped jewelry is formed by using sheet metal. After the metal is shaped, each letter is imprinted by hand with a hammer and a steel stamp. It is then formed, filed, oxidized, finished, and ready to wear. No two pieces are exactly alike.

Which series (or piece) would you say is most popular?
The Mama Collection is absolutely our most popular. As moms, we work very hard to keep our little ones safe and happy. Having a small trinket that reminds us of our calling as mothers is uniquely special. I have been touched by stories from women struggling with infertility, new moms, older moms, adoptive moms, working moms, stay at home moms, step-moms, and more. We are all different and our paths to parenthood are unique, but we all deserve to feel valued. It’s rewarding to know that my jewelry has been used to bring joy or show appreciation to fellow moms.      

Which piece is your very favorite to make?
I love making “Mama Bear” cuffs. I like stamping all of the kids names and knowing that what I am making will have meaning to someone.

What’s your favorite thing about being a small businesses owner?
My favorite thing about being a small business owner is that I get to make my own hours so that I can devote more time to my family.

If you could tell your customers one thing, what would it be?
THANK YOU! You have helped me turn my hobby into a rewarding business that helps provide for my family. I am so grateful and I hope that you will continue to shop small!

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