Adeline Organic Eye Serum Review

Reduces redness & rehydrates

*I received this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but when I think of eye creams, I think of getting older, and not in that happy extra life experience way, but in that your eyes are starting to look rough and you should take care of it way. This isn’t really fair to the wonderful eye creams on the market, either. Unlike some, I don’t seem to carry a worry around about someday getting crows feet or finding myself with “fine lines,” but I do like to take great care of my skin. I’m incredibly picky about what I allow on my face and in my body. Only organic products with very few ingredients ever end up in my home anymore. I feel like your skin works hard to take care of you, so you better take care of it, and my poor eyes probably get the least attention because I definitely don’t buy things specifically for them. So, while I still haven’t seen any of those worrisome wrinkles, I started to think that my eyes deserve to be a bit more pampered.

Adeline Organic Eye Serum intrigued me because of it’s two main ingredients: aloe and cucumber. Both of these individually are great for reducing swelling and redness, which I definitely have on occasion due to being a sleep-deprived parent. Plus, Aloe is also rehydrating, which feels wonderful on tired and dry skin. I’ve found Adeline to be a fabulous product. Very mild, refreshing, and easily added to an everyday routine.

Initially, I was concerned about the “slight tingling” that might occur, but I haven’t felt any tingling or tightening of the skin at all. In fact, the product just smooths out the area and re-hydrates the skin. It’s a pleasant feeling and doesn’t leave your skin looking greasy in the least. The serum is also odorless making it ideal for men or women. After all, women are not the only ones that suffer from puffy eyes. My husband could feel comfortable borrowing it for his own eyes without fear of smelling like a, and I quote, “doe-eyed pink unicorn prancing in a sunlit, flowery meadow.”

The packaging of the eye serum is ideal for those with limited storage space in their bathroom, like my family. Stored in a double walled bottle, Adeline is slender and fairly short making it easy to store in over the sink cabinet or on a shelf. Although the bottle is space-saving, there is a very good amount of product inside, so you definitely get your monies worth. In fact, I imagine it will last quite a few months as a little goes a long way. Just a pea size amount on the tip of your finger will take care of both eyes.

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If you’re looking for a high quality, back-to-basics eye serum, this one is perfect! With very few ingredients, all of which are organic and made right here in the USA, you can’t go wrong by adding Adeline to your beauty regimen.

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