All you need from birth to potty training is flats & wool

I want to talk to you a little bit today about a small, family owned company called Truly Charis (TC). This company, and it’s creator Destani, are near & dear to my heart. If you know them already you know they have the best wool on the market. I’ve tried a lot of cloth diapers in the 4 years we’ve been at it; Prefolds, Pockets, AIOs. Seriously, you name it, we’ve used it. So, I am not just saying that Truly Charis is the best lightly. I mean it. They have the most absorbency, the softest, least skin irritating fabric, & the best long term use products. In fact, we recently switched our 4 year old son back to nighttime woolies because it is the only option that doesn’t end in a soaking wet bed — disposables included. We do have one other option that does work, but it requires us to stuff so much extra bulk into the shell that our son doesn’t really want to wear it. So, back to wool we went. What’s truly incredible about this is his old medium soaker that fits our 1 year old also fits him comfortably. It’s like magic.

Below he is wearing the soaker just over his underwear, which is why it is a bit baggy in the wet zone.

Then this is our 4 year old in his modified flat (a TC Flat + a prefold) for bedtime and the same blue medium soaker over it. See how it is not so baggy now? He was excited to be in these pictures! Can you tell? Haha

Now, unlike our son whom we didn’t start cloth diapering until around 9 months old, our daughter has been in wool since she was a week old. She started in the TC newborn size, moved up to XS, & then has been in Small Long until just recently when I received our kickstarter order of Medium Long leggings. From the moment the leggings arrived, K has been rocking them all day everyday. Yes, even in this TX heat because they keep you warm or cool depending on the environment! My newest acquisition from TC is the double layered black flat & it has replaced our nighttime fitteds. They are so trim and yet shockingly absorbent. I only ordered 4 and now I wish we had more because they are the best nighttime solution ever! The white flat is a single layer basic everyday flat & baby girl wears them all day under her different wool pieces. For both flats, I use Snappis to secure. They’re much, much easier to use than pins & Snappi Baby has a new size two for toddlers! The key to success with a flat is knowing how to fold them. To maximize our absorbency in the wet zone and avoid all around bulk, we use the Origami Fold. See video below. Because flats are so customizable to each child you can absolutely use them from birth to potty training, and even then as a nighttime solution for a day-time potty trained child. I also have the newest edition of TC Wool, Toddler Large Cuffed Longies, coming for our big boy. They’ll be kind of similar to sweat pants for bedtime especially, but playtime too! A toddler large is loosely based on a 4T size, which is perfect for us. I’m really excited to see them in person and try them on our little dude! Find Truly Charis on Facebook! And buy your very own wool/flat collection here!

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