Am I putting my child at risk?

When you become a mom (or Dad), you assume responsibility for another little person. Their general well-being and safety is your number one job. 

So, by being a blogging mother (and even by just participating in various social medias like Facebook), am I putting my child at risk?

The truth is I don’t know. 

In my heart, I try to believe that for the most part the world is comprised of good and well-intentioned people. Then again, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, so what do I know?
I blog to share my experiences with other parents and to celebrate life’s little moments. Since I write primarily about my family, it makes sense that Logan, who is my world, would be mentioned in, and even on occasion the sole topic of my posts. But should his picture be included? Before I can address that, I need to consider an even more important question: do I even have the right to put his picture online?
I read an article a few weeks back, you might have seen it–“I Don’t Own My Child’s Body.” It’s all about giving your child autonomy over their own body. Basically, teaching them that they are the ones who decide what happens with their body. That the right is solely theirs. I agree with this method of parenting 100%.  If your children learn they can say no and that you support this, they are less likely to be preyed upon. So, if I believe that Logan has completely autonomy in regards to his body, then by that reasoning I should yield to him about whether he’d like me using his photo online.

Now, obviously, he’s too young right now to give his consent, so that presents a problem. Not to mention, it will be years before he could even grasp the complexity of giving his consent. Does that mean that I’m exploiting my child? Am I taking advantage of his inability to say no? Am I using his cute face to lure readers to my blog? The answer to that last question is yes; no matter how unintentional it might be. 
But, even if I do have the right as his parent to use his photos as I see fit, am I putting him at risk?

Not just by posting on this blog, but also on Facebook and Instagram, and every other social media platform that I’ve ever posted his picture to. Once again, the obvious answer to me is yes. Yes, I am putting him at risk by making his face so public because sad to say the world is not entirely made up of good hearted, well-intentioned people and without knowing or intending to, I may be exposing him to the less than savory types. I have never posted a naked photo of my son, nor will I ever for many, many reasons. In fact, I can’t say we even have one. While naked baby photos seem like cute keep-sakes and are harmless enough, they have the potential to embarrass your children later in life and on the internet, there’s no telling who can see them. So, at least in that respect, we are protecting Logan’s privacy and hopefully limiting the amount of creeps that might be trolling for awful things like that. But is that enough?

What side of the fence do you sit on? Is there a middle ground?
In future, I will use less of my son’s face for blog posts. I may even begin to remove past photos, if necessary. 

Keeping him safe has to be my first priority.

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