Annie’s Fannies & Things AIO Diaper & Cloth Wipes Review

Eric and I are completely obsessed with Annie’s Fannies & Things’ wipes. I will without a doubt be ordering another batch.They are the best clean-up-messy-poop wipes in the world. That’s right, I said it, the best! They’re extra thick and extra large. I just love them. Even for HUGE poops it still only takes two at most to get him clean.

These were the first custom cloth wipes that I had ever purchased and I didn’t really known what to expect. I was lured in by the adorable prints. In fact, we also loved two others, but I had to reign myself back in and narrow it down. We decided that we loved monkeys and alligator/frogs the best. Why are animals that are quite dangerous in real life so cute when put on children’s items? It’s a mystery to me. Anways, back on topic, I was able to pick the fabric, a mixture of flannel (the cute print) on one side and organic bamboo fleece on the other. I was honestly shocked when I picked up the order because they were so large. They shrank a very small bit after a wash cycle, but they have held up great! They’re still soft, absorbent, and a great size.

Then there is our AMAZING Wolverine diaper. I originally contacted Annie after hearing rave reviews about her work. I noticed that she made customs and asked her if she had anything in Wolverine print, she didn’t, but kindly found examples of several, and let us choose one.

When it arrived she sent me pictures of different color fabric to pair with it and we choose navy blue. My only request was that ‘Wolverine’ be visible and she did a great job! Front & center!

This AIO diaper is so soft, super roomy–incredible since Logan doesn’t miss meals–and exactly what we wanted. I’m pretty sure it’s my husband’s favorite diaper. I’m a big fan of it because the insert snaps out, so if I want I can use it as an AI2 by just removing the snapped down insert and replacing it with a OBF booster when I change his diaper. I love being able to use a cute diaper longer than three hours!

Visit Annie’s Fannies and Things to order your very own custom cloth diaper on Facebook. And don’t forget to add a batch of wipes–you won’t be sorry!

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