Another Explosive Goodie Box

*I received this product free for review. You could too! No blog needed!*

September’s Goodie Box arrived like all my other fabulous goodie boxes with one notably difference….one of my sample BBQ sauces exploded. It was a massive explosion that took quite a few diaper wipes to clean up, but since all the products in my Daily Goodie Boxes thus far have been so phenomenal, I was not going to let one rogue sauce ruin all the other samples.

R.I.P Rogue BBQ Sauce. If your smell is any indication, you would’ve tasted delicious.

Now turning attention to all the other samples.

Let’s get real, the Trolli Sour Bite Crawlers didn’t last the night. And the GinnyBakes chocolate chip cookies? They lasted maybe the first 48 hours and only because my husband was working and I had to share.

The absolute highlight of this box for me was the Butterfields Hard Candy Lemon Drops. They took me back to my childhood of being seven years old on the 100 acres in my Dad’s F150 learning how to drive (crash). He always kept lemon drops in his glove box. While it’s been ages since I had a lemon drop, the moment it hit my mouth I felt nostalgia wash over me. Isn’t it amazing how a scent or a taste can transport us? Even if I hadn’t been caught up in a sea of emotions about life and growing up, I was super duper sick and the lemon drops alleviated quite a bit of throat discomfort, so that’s a handy trick!

The Guru Organic Energy Drink went to work with my husband for those late nights. I’m tickled that there is such a thing as an organic energy drink. I just thought that was coffee. My husband said it worked great for a quick boost and tasted better than Red Bull with no nasty after taste.

Nellie’s Baby Laundry Soap is unbelievably appreciated because we cloth diaper and I’m always on the hunt for safe soaps to use with our hard water.

I’m way too excited about the Paleo Powder. Seriously we have been using Lawry’s Seasoning Salt for as long as I can remember because the blend is beyond tasty, but I’d love to make a switch. I’ll keep you posted on how the Paleo Powder holds up as an alternative!

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Maple Sugar before this box arrived on my porch & now I’m thinking I’ve seriously been missing out. I mean, Maple Sugar on oatmeal? Yeah, buddy!

And finally the Lovebug Probiotics. They are supposed to help digestive health & I’m stoked to try them as I’m really focused on taking better care of myself. I just need to double check that they’re breastfeeding safe.

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