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Kristy, owner of Babies in the Hood found me on Instagram, and I am so glad she did because her hooded baby towel is amazing! I ordered a “fancy” organic cotton towel for Logan before he was born, but we barely got to use it for a month before it was just too small. Not to mention, the hood was never big enough to be put on his head comfortably. I’ve been searching for an awesome baby towel for awhile now, and I’m so excited that I finally found one!

One of my favorite parts was that my husband and I got to design the towel. You pick the color you’d like from her Etsy shop choices and then she has a ton of different ribbons to adorn the hood with. We went dinosaurs because they are just so perfect for a little boy. In fact, we actually started with the ribbon picked out and then decided which color towel would match. It was a tough call between this grey towel and a blue one, but I’m so pleased with the way our towel turned out! Isn’t it adorable?

There are three key features of the hooded towel:

1.) The size. I wanted a towel that could grow with Logan and this towel is a regular sized bath towel, so it will continue with him until he’s at least five (hopefully longer). I love being able to enclose his body completely, so that he stays warm when we make the transfer from super warm bathroom to chiller bedroom.

2.) The hood. I love being able to put a hood on Logan that fits and keeps the top of his head warm. Plus, you can easily dry off the baby fine hair with the hood. In fact, I usually do just that right after I get him out of the bath. My little rascal is funny about leaving the hood on, but when he does, it’s just the best.

3.) The absorbency. I had been using beach towels for Logan’s bath-time because I wanted them to be both large & soft, but they get soaked through pretty quickly and you end up with that soggy towel feeling. Since these towels are normal bath towel material, they absorb all the water off of Logan after bath-time without soaking through. I love this because I can just lay him straight on the changing pad after bath without worrying about soaking everything underneath him.

Besides thinking that every parent should have one, I think it would be a perfect baby shower gift! I know as a new mom, I would’ve loved one of these cozy, helpful towels. Not too mention, it’s not a gift that new parents often receive, but it’s one they absolutely need.

Babies in the Hood has created a custom code, so that anyone reading this review can purchase one of her towels for 15% off! Head over to her Etsy shop and enter the code MAMAJOURNEY15 at checkout. The code will be good for two weeks.

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