Baby Proofing

We still haven’t baby proofed. At least not much. We have a couple cabinet locks–two of the fancy store bought ones, one a rubber band stretched tightly around the knobs. And, I’ve purchased the outlet safety protectors because our son seems to have an obsession with electricity. It’s a bit terrifying.

I had the best of intentions to baby proof everything before he was born, but it never happened. And we’ve gotten so busy with the “living life with Logan” phase we haven’t paused for a moment to lockdown our home. I won’t go so far as to say that I’m anti-baby proofing, but I do kind of hate the idea and the industry.
To baby proof our whole home to expectations would cost a small fortune. I’m really not interested in just throwing money down the drain especially because I hate the baby proofing mechanisms. I don’t know why they’re called baby proof because as far as I’m concerned they’re adult proof! The first day we put the cabinet lock on in our bathroom, I couldn’t get into it! We finally figured out how to work the device, but it is still far from easy.
I think the only baby proofing tool that I really want is the lock for the toilet. Our son loves to lift the lid and I’m worried about him smashing his fingers, touching unmentionables, and the possibility of him falling in. My concern is once we install it, I won’t be able to pee in a hurry. What’s a mama to do?
I do believe in baby gates! We use those all the time. They’re our everyday solution to keep Logan away from things that could really hurt him. For instance, our entertainment center has doors that snap shut and I shudder to think what they’d do to a tiny hand.
So, we’ve taken steps to create a safer environment for Logan through caution and education. Ever since Logan was 8 months old, Eric has been teaching him how to turn around and slide down to get off the bed instead of going off head first. Since he sleeps with us, we though this was really important. And for the last month or so, Logan will turn around and slide down all by himself. I’m honestly shocked by how well and quickly he learned that skill, but I’m so glad that my hubby taught him!
Lately, Logan has been opening drawers, which makes me nervous because I don’t want him to pinch his fingers. I’ve been working with him to keep his hand completely on the outside of the drawer before he closes it and he is getting really good at keeping his little fingers out of the way. I’m so proud of him. Such a smart little boy.
I will say that Logan is never left in a room unsupervised. He is always under adult supervision. If you aren’t going to baby proof, you absolutely have to keep an eye on your child. Though, I laugh a little because, on the packaging of baby proofing products it will say something along the lines of, “This product is not intended to be a substitute for parental supervision…” Isn’t that ironic? So if you’re going to baby proof you still need to keep an eye on your kid. Seriously? Why do they need to write that on the packaging? Of course, you have to watch your child to keep them safe.
I’d just rather keep an eye on my child and teach him how to do things safely instead of keeping him away from every household item that is deemed dangerous. As my favorite Ludo song says, “Anything can be a weapon if you’re holding it right.”
This is just my two cents.
How do you feel about baby proofing? Does it work for you? Do you like it/hate it?

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