Baby Rags by Rachel Review

Usually, I will do a very in depth write-up of a business, but in this particular instance, I think the pictures speak for themselves–gorgeous, practical, and eco-friendly products in amazing prints–enough said! So, very briefly, I will say that, I ADORE our reusable bags and the portable chalkboard. They are such cool buys for us and fit in perfectly with our mentality of limiting our everyday waste! 

While I was completely drawn-in by the bags prints (robots for Logan is too perfect), I originally bid on these items because the seller, Baby Rags by Rachel, was raising money for a friend going through a tough time. I loved the cause and, of course, was motivated to place bids on a couple of items and too my pleasant surprise, I won three out of the five!

The larger bag (robot print) is a small wet bag, perfect for throwing in a purse or in the car for emergency diaper changes. Or great for the occasional wet clothes from water/juice spilled or the great saliva flow that comes with a teething baby. Just toss the wet t-shirt in the bag and you don’t have to worry about the soggy clothes contaminating the rest of the diaper bag. Up until receiving this wet bag, we only had much larger ones and they are not always practical to come along on our adventures.

The smaller bag (pirate print) is a snack bag. It can hold a myriad of foods such as but not limited to Happy Puffs (one of Logan’s original favorite snack foods), carrot sticks, and cheese cubes! The best part is after snack time is finished just wash out the bag when you get home–voila, snack bag ready to go again without constantly wasting plastic baggies!

But I’ve got to say my very favorite purchase is the reusable and PORTABLE chalkboard. I seriously can’t imagine any parent not wanting one of these for a trip to a restaurant or for long trips spent in the car. Give your children some colorful chalk and let them create their own masterpiece again and again! Not too mention, when they’re finished coloring, it rolls up and takes up very little space.

If you’re a busy parent looking for ways to simplify your life, you need check out Baby Rags by Rachel for yourself! And, don’t forget to give a her Facebook page a like. 

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