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*I was sent this product for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

Since I hadn’t owned a ring sling up until this point in my mama journey, I armed myself with the limited knowledge I had from a quick tutorial with Yazhi, owner of Kiwi Baby Shop, and the in-depth instruction manual sent out by Beachfront Baby. I’m making it painfully obvious that I was new to using a ring sling because I want all moms to know that you can do it. It takes a bit of practice, like anything else, but this is an amazing way to babywear and you’re going to love it! The very first time I tried it on, I found that the set-up was super simple, getting Logan into a good deep seat was easy, and then I hit a snag. I couldn’t get it to tighten up and my rings were definitely not in the right place. Freaking out that I had bitten off more than I could chew, I tried again. I realized that I wasn’t lifting Logan up enough and that’s why it wasn’t tightening. Whew! Once I got the hang of that, it all came together and it was perfect. Perfect…the love I feel for the carrier, not my wrap job. Luckily, every time I use the carrier, I get better at tightening and faster at putting him in. I believe it goes without saying that moms’ need ease of use and that’s what Beachfront Baby provides.

My only disappointment in respect to my Beachfront Baby Sling is that I didn’t have one when Logan was born! How amazing it would have been to take a regular shower without worrying about where to put the baby because he was inevitably going to scream bloody murder if I put him down. Or to have been able to wear him into the pool the first time we took him swimming at 10 months. Instead we lugged a floating device into the pool, and when it was time to breastfeed we both had to get out instead of just wading to a shallow area and popping him on the boob. In honor of how awesome I think Beachfront Baby’s ring sling is, I’m calling it the “dream sling” because I think it’s a mom’s dream tool! Every new (and veteran) mom should have one!

Even before Logan was born, I knew that I wanted to babywear, so I purchased a Baby Nest, but when we finally got to try it out, I didn’t like the ease of use one bit. Not to mention, it barely fit my husband as there is quite a size difference between the two of us. Let’s just say we parted ways with this carrier very early on. We replaced said carrier with an ergobaby (SSC), which has been wonderful as it sizes up & down, and is quite comfortable, but there a few areas that it falls shorts.

Beachfront Baby’s ring sling makes up all the difference for me for five key reasons:


  • Firstly, we live in Texas, and this weather of late not included, it’s unbelievably hot. The ergo has Logan and I sweating like crazy after half an hour, which is why I love the breath-ability of the ring sling. It would’ve been absolutely invaluable last summer and I plan to use it for any other squishes that might come along in addition to using it till Logan hits 30 pounds (right around the corner with the way Logan eats and grows).
  • Secondly, the ease of use is better. I can get Logan in and out of the ring sling without help.
  • Thirdly is portability. The ring sling fits in my purse easily and takes up very little space. I tried to shove my ergobaby in my purse, but it just didn’t work. For instance, I went on a date with my husband this afternoon only to discover later that the Beachfront Baby Sling was STILL in my purse. I love how compact it is! You can even wear it comfortably beneath a seat-belt, so that you’re ready to receive baby the moment he/she comes out of the car seat.
  • Fourthly it looks fashionable even without a squishy in tow. Both moms AND dads look stylish.
  • Finally, I love that I can head down to the beach, wade into the water, and have Logan safely in tow without fear of weighing us down.

Beachfront Baby’s ring sling is a perfect choice for active parents looking to be outside in warm/hot weather and water!

During the month of March, head over to Beachfront Baby and receive **free shipping on your order using the code MAMA15 at checkout.

Keep calm and carry on! #wearallthebabies

**10% off of shipping for orders outside of the US.


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