Beautiful Wooden Toys (Cubbie Lee Review)

*This is a paid review. All opinions expressed are my own. This post also contains Amazon Affiliate links. If you do purchase Cubbie Lee toys through my Amazon link, there is a special discount for buying 2 or more.*

Toys. Like most families, we probably have just a few too many. Especially considering our small living space, but we wanted something special for our son’s 4th birthday and Cubbie Lee Toys was the perfect choice!

The toys for the kids have also been a sort of investment. We buy high quality, preferably wood, and we like to expand on what we already own. Basically? We want them to last. Often Eric and I joke about being able to pull the toys out for grand kids someday. Cubbie Lee meets all this criteria and more. The products they make are sturdy, visually appealing, educational, and tiny human friendly in that they are not easy to break. Ask me how I know.

Take for instance the wooden train collection we’ve been building, which is a mixture of Ikea & Brio tracks. I just knew that Cubbie Lee’s Classic Wooden Toy Train Starter Set would be the perfect addition since it’s compatible with so many popular brands on the market (even Melissa & Doug and Thomas the Train), but give us some super cool new pieces that we didn’t previously have. Now we can build phenomenal train designs for little man, and eventually baby girl when she stops trying to eat the conductor. And when I say we can build, I really mean my husband. He’s the engineer. Me? I build circles.

Now, originally, I picked out the train set for our son & the Alphabet Wooden Building Blocks Set for baby girl, but they both love each of them. It didn’t take long before our son was asking to play with the blocks everyday. We even took them on our vacation! The case they come in makes it perfect for trips. It contains just the right amount so the kids have something to keep them occupied, but not too many as to make a gigantic mess.

For our son in particular, the alphabet lettering on the blocks is fabulous because we’re working on learning letters, sight-words, & basic reading comprehension. It is too cool to hear him identifying letters. However, the size of the blocks make them perfect for our daughter because they are small enough for her little hands, but not so small that they pose a choking risk since she stills likes to taste everything.

As a mom, my favorite part is seeing the kids play together, mostly harmoniously. Then I can’t help but love that even after a couple weeks of owning our new Cubbie Lee Toys, the kids are still asking to play with them. Too often do we gift our children something only to have it overlooked because they just didn’t take a shine to it. This is absolutely not the case with our Cubbie Lee Toys. The kids dig em!

If you’d like to purchase some for yourself, you can find them on their website or on Amazon. If you buy through Amazon, there are special discounts for buying 2 toys or more! I hope you and your kiddos love them as much as we do!

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