Being Intentional as a Mom

A fellow #satxblogger & local entrepreneur said  something on Instagram recently that really resonated with me about how she chose a word to guide her in 2017. That word is intentional. I loved the idea of having a focus for life in general, and while I have yet to figure out my own word, I definitely borrowed Christina’s (The Social Butterfly Gal) when dealing with my toddler this week. 

It was a pretty typical day as a SAHM, and I was trying to squeeze in a pre-bedtime shower so my hair could dry. I pulled baby K’s new Joovy Spoon into the bathroom with me and set up the Nuna Leaf for our son to sit in while he read books. It should have run so smoothly, but because this is real life it didn’t. He was already pretty fidgety as I was getting in the shower and about halfway through he decided he was going to leave the bathroom & our bedroom completely. I asked him not to and he straight up ignored me. But he politely shut the door on his way out. 

Now, I hate when he ignores me. It drives me up the wall and I could feel myself getting mad because if my parents hadn’t have been home, he would’ve been in the other part of the house all by himself and that’s just not safe. Since they were home, I finished my shower with thoughts of what I was going to say to him rolling through my mind. Initially, I wanted to just be mad and tell him the next time he ignored me and took off there would be a consequence like no movie that day or something like that. Truly though, I’m very against punishing after time has passed because I don’t think he would even understand why he was in trouble. This is where the word intentional came into play. I wanted to make sure he understood exactly why he couldn’t just leave the room. 

So, when I got out of my shower, I went and found him. I asked him to look at me and calmly I told him that the next time I needed him to stay with me, I wanted him to be a good listener because I love him and I want him safe. He seemed upset and so I reiterated that he wasn’t in any trouble and all of this was just because I cared about him. After a few minutes of thinking, he said, “Okay,” and gave me a hug.

Being intentional about what I said to him and even the way I said it helped me diffuse a situation I felt strongly about without getting overly mad. 

I feel like this small interaction is a huge mom win and I hope to keep being more intentional with my words & actions in my day-to-day life.

So, thanks Christina for putting that word on my radar! I needed it! ❤

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  1. Such a great word. I try to be as intentional as possible in my parenting. It’s crazy because either I totally knock it out of the park, or I lose my cool. Ha. There seems to be no in between.

    Also, after getting to know you these past couple of months via the blogging community, I can tell we are kinda the same type of person/mama. And you are a GREAT Mom! <3

    ALSO (again), it's totally amazing what these little toddlers can understand. Ari is four and for the last year he's been super conscious of when he's doing something naughty or something I disapprove of. He'll talk to me about it later (hours/days/weeks). "Mommy? I'm sorry I didn't listen…" <3 <3

  2. Yes girl!! I loved every bit of this! I try to do this every day, even on the harddays because they wil only last a short time <3

  3. Oh I love this post! Sometimes its so quick to jump to anger and just blurt out something. I find when I give myself a few minutes and really think about how I want to explain it to my daughter helps so much!

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