Binky Monster Minion Clip Review

Logan’s signature look! Silly kiddo!
**Binky Monster was kind enough to send me this Minion Clip for review, but all opinions expressed here are my own. **
We got our Binky Monster Minion Clip in the mail yesterday. Immediately, I was on board. We pretty much NEVER used a pacifier for Logan because he didn’t like them and never wanted them for soothing. Like I’ve said before, he really is a breast is best kid. However, recently he’s been teething like crazy and he turned to the pacifier for comfort. Even more so after my husband had the genius idea of putting Punkin Butt on the nipple. Logan chews on the pacifier like crazy now. I’m glad we finally have a use for them because before I felt like they were a waste of money. But the good news is now we have a need for a pacifier clip! Enter the minion clip!

I couldn’t wait to put the clip on him. What I wasn’t prepared for was him not liking it. He hates having it clipped to his shirt. I have tried moving it all over (i.e. his sleeve, the bottom hem, in the middle, etc.), but nothing satisfies him. From the moment I put it on to the moment I remove it, he tugs on it as hard as he can and shakes it around trying to get it off. It’s a little comical to watch, I have to admit. I really should’ve seen it coming because he is just that type of kid. The other part that cracks me up is if it’s not clipped on to him, he wants to hold it! Come on, kid, work with me here!
So my plan to use it in the traditional way failed, but I am not defeated! Oh no! I’ve come up with a list of other ways to use this awesome minion clip that makes me happy and makes Logan happy. And if you have a high needs baby like I do, these might work for you, too!
  1. I’ve decided to clip it on to his Ergo Baby Carrier, so that it’s there for him to grab, but doesn’t hit the floor whenever he inevitably lets go of it.
  2. If you’re like me, your diaper bag is a black hole and when you need something in a hurry, you can’t find it! Voila–minion clip has your back. The pacifier you’re looking for is right at your fingertips.
  3. My shirt is another great place to attach the minion clip when I’m holding Logan on my hip. Once again, this gives him something to do other than pull my hair and tug at my shirt and he still can’t drop in on the floor! Win!
  4. I’m going to clip it to my purse for when we need to quickly run into a store, but I don’t want to lug in a bunch of toys. One and done.
  5. Finally, our shopping cart cover/restaurant high chair cover could definitely use a minion clip! I only take toys into those places if they can hook on to the toy loops that are sewn onto the cover, but until now I had no way to attach his pacifier. Super excited to do this!
I really love this product. I think it’s a great way to keep a toy specifically made to go in your baby’s mouth off the floor. I’ll say it another way, it’s a great way to keep your baby’s pacifier clean! If you can’t use it in the traditional way, try one of the other ways I came up with. I guarantee they’ll be helpful. You only have so many hands and you can’t always keep that pacifier from hitting the ground!
I think I’m going to invest in two (or three–don’t tell my husband) so that I can leave them clipped onto the various locations I came up with instead of constantly moving one minion clip from place to place. Plus, I really want a Mike Wazowski Clip! You have to see it! It’s so cute!
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