Blogging is for Me

After an intense hour of on & off again screaming courtesy of a toddler who wanted to make biscuits, not after I got the baby down for a nap, but right freakin’ now, I finally sat down to nurse the baby, drink some coffee, and think about how to turn this day around. I mean, it wasn’t even 10 am and I was already dreaming about bedtime.

I stopped to reflect about what gives me a sense of purpose, and besides striving to be a great mom, wife, & daughter, I get personal satisfaction out of my blogging. I love to write. I love to share my experiences with others. I love knowing that other parents are going through the same things as me. I truly enjoy reviewing products that I think people will find useful and I will never stop promoting campaigns to improve birth & normalize breastfeeding. Long after I’ve had all my babies (maybe one more to add to our circus) and stopped breastfeeding my littles, you’ll still find me trying to “free the nipple!”

Of course, I love my tiny humans. No one who has ever seen me with them could doubt it. They are the best things in my life all day, everyday. I have devoted the last three years to raising them and will continue to do so for many years to come, but there can be something very isolating about being a mom first and an independent woman after. I used to be free to be me. Free to go when & where I wanted on a moments notice.

Now, preparing to leave the house is almost more of a chore than actually leaving it. Dress the kids. Find lost shoes. Change pull ups & cloth diapers. Make sure we’re bringing pull ups & cloth diapers. Do I have a spare shirt? The toddler’s snacks? What happened to the change of clothes I had right here? Where’s your hat? Ah, I forgot the baby’s blanket! And on & on until we finally stumble out the door about 75% convinced I have everything we need. But as hard as getting these two under three out of our house is, leaving the house is still a luxury for me because it’s a mental break from just being Mom–isolated in our home while my hard-working husband takes our car.

Being a one-car family is rough here in San Antonio because unless you live in the right area, you really can’t walk places and it definitely isn’t pedestrian friendly. That is one of the big things I really miss about our home in Washington–accessibility to shops & parks by foot or public transportation. In lieu of other options, I spend most of my days with the kids in our house, and it gets to be mentally & emotionally draining.

The one mental escape I do have is blogging. Blogging gives me an outlet, a way to utilize my hard-earned Bachelors degree gathering dust on the shelf, and a way to connect with other adults. Blogging is my gateway to the outside world.

With that in mind, I suppose there is a sense of irony in the fact that I blog about all things kids, but hey, that’s my life & that’s what I know, so you can’t say it’s not authentic, right?

So, to all my readers , thank you for listening to this crazy mama ramble, review, & share too much, both about my life & on social media.

I couldn’t do it without you! 💙💜💚

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