Bloom + KIND Baby Wipes ((Review)) #bloomtogether

*I received these products free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

If you follow me on Instagram (nudge, nudge wink, wink) you know we spent the last 48 hours rearranging, cleaning, & otherwise revitalizing our home. After our third trip to Target we finally got it right….until we realized we made it home with a flawed body pillow. Target, I’ll see you soon!

But, what made this weekend a resounding success, besides my hardworking husband and children who almost behaved themselves, was our new Bloom+KIND Baby wipes! Normally, I use cloth wipes for baby K, but there just wasn’t a peaceful moment to conjure those up, so I switched gears and started using Bloom. The first thing I noticed was how easy the package opened and RESEALED. How many times have you, one, had to fight to open a package of wipes, or two, had to struggle to close them so they wouldn’t lose all moisture? For us, the answer is countless times. The other wonderful thing about Bloom Baby Wipes is they pull out of the container easily. They don’t jam up or pull out 6 at a time. They’re quick and efficient, which is definitely what you want when changing a poopy diaper.

If you’re a typical parent, I imagine you’ve used a baby wipe to clean something other than a baby’s bottom. We use them for all sorts of things. While cleaning floors, dusting electronics, & wiping off surfaces, not one wipe tore. I attribute this to their amazing texture** closer to that of a thin towel. My husband said that they didn’t even leave that fabric residue that so many other wipes leave behind. Huge win! I think they’d work well for cleaning off mirrors, too.


While the wipes aren’t fragrance free, they aren’t fragrance added either. I found the natural smell to be pleasant, not at all overwhelming, and it doesn’t linger in the air or on your skin. I felt totally comfortable using them on baby K because they are chemical free and hypoallergenic. Not to mention biodegradable and made right here in the US in a facility powered by wind energy. I love eco-friendly, safe for baby products!

Available at Target, you could pick up a pack today! Pretty sure you won’t regret it!

Plus, if you buy in bulk (640 count) it comes with this adorable wipe clutch!

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**Our EcoFiber™ wipe material is an ultra-soft, non-abrasive and skin-friendly material made from sustainably derived cellulose.

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