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*I received these bracelets free for review, but all opinions expressed are my own.*

It will come as no surprise to anyone reading my blog that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try Mommy & Me Diffusing Bracelets. I mean, just look at them! They’re so cute and grey is one of my favorite colors because it’s the perfect all the time neutral color. I’ve been wearing mine stacked with my amber bracelet for days now only removing them to shower. To be perfectly honest, I think you could shower/swim with it no problem, but I want mine to last as long as possible, so I’m keeping it out of the water. Now, if my bracelet hasn’t swayed you over to wanting a set, just look at that tiny bracelet. Is that not one of the cutest things? I have no idea how, but it actually fits our [almost] four year old and our one year old. Amazing, right?

Besides just liking the idea of having handmade matching bracelets and supporting Blooming Rae, a mom-run small business, my purpose in wanting these bracelets is to ward off summertime mosquitos. They are particularly bad where we live in San Antonio, TX and with all the diseases they carry,  we have an uphill battle trying to keep them from biting us and the kids.

I’ve tried a lot if different methods, but have had the best luck with lavender essential oil and also those non-toxic bracelets that you can pick up at Eddie Bauer or REI. The bracelets don’t concern me the way OFF bug spray does. I will not use that on my kids, but I still don’t like to put it on their wrists. We have laid the bracelets near our kids or attached them to backpacks, but they haven’t worn them. This is why I am so thrilled with Blooming Rae’s diffusing bracelets! I finally have a way to put diluted lavender oil on our kids without putting it directly on their bodies. Huge bonus is the bracelet can be used over and over again unlike those plastic ones which eventually stop working and have to be stored so carefully in their airtight containers to stay fresh. The diffusing bracelet is much less maintenance and even looks nice. [Disclaimer: I would not use this bracelet on our one year without close supervision.]

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