Cait Bee Boutique Wipe Solution Review

In preparation for making the switch to cloth wipes, I knew I would need some kind of solution, but I hadn’t found time to make my own and I didn’t feel like water was going to cut it in regards to the ‘clean’ factor. Honestly, I’m not even ready for the DIY wipe solution step, which is why I was so stoked to come across an amazing Work-at-Home-Mom‘s fantastic wipe solution! After all, I’m a huge cloth diaper advocate, so my hesitation to switch over to cloth wipes was just plain lazy on my part. Whatever the case, we made the switch this week–yay!–with a little help from Caitlin, owner of Cait Bee Boutique! Seriously, the wipe solution she makes smells so good and works great! And, in a pinch, she says her wipe solution can be used as hand-soap. I’m thinking about taking it for road trips and it definitely has a new home in my diaper bag!

In all honesty, I was initially concerned that homemade wipe solution in general might cause Logan to get a rash because he has extremely sensitive skin, but it’s been perfect! In fact, any redness he has is taken away when we use the wipe solution! The ingredients (listed below) are super soothing and fabulous for promoting healthy skin.

The ingredients are:
  • Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil
  • Unscented Gentle Castile Soap
  • Organic Chamomile Tea  
  •  Lavender Essential Oil

    As soon as my mason jar of wipe solution arrived, I put it straight into the fridge to increase its ‘shelf life’ because I hadn’t gathered the rest of my necessities–enough cloth wipes to last more than a day & my spray bottle. Once I had acquired the new cloth wipes (Thanks Annie’s Fannies & Things and Wooly Booly Designs–reviews to come) and my husband made me a glass spray bottle, I was ready to make my first batch of wipe solution.

    The instructions are right on the mason jar tag and they’re super straightforward, which is wonderful. I pulled my jar out of the fridge, started the teapot to boil, and dropped one cube of wipe solution into the spray bottle.

    When the teapot whistled, I poured the hot water over the cube. Immediately, it began to dissolve. Using a hot pad, because it was an extremely hot bottle, I carried it back to the changing table. I then left it to cool–I think it took about an hour, but it’s a good idea to test how hot it is before getting it anywhere near your baby. 

    Finished with preparing the wipe solution, I put the mason jar back into the fridge. Storing in the fridge is optional, but it is recommended to store the solution in a cool & dry space, so that your cubes don’t melt into one big cube. One cube will last for a week!

    After the spray bottle and wipe solution has cooled off, spray on the cloth wipe you want to use, wipe baby down, and deposit the cloth wipe in your diaper pail. So easy!

    Another bragging point for this wipe solution, it did an amazing job at cleaning up little man’s super sticky poop. I swear, we sprayed the cloth wipe down and it only took one wipe to get him clean. In the past, it has taken us anywhere from 4-7 disposable wipes to get him cleaned up. I’m loving this new ratio!

    A HUGE thanks Caitlin & Cait Bee Boutique for making me even more Eco-friendly and conscientiousness!

    Pictured at the top is Caitlin’s business card. You can reach her to order a two month supply for yourself! Also, drop by her Facebook Page to look at her other products (i.e. wool dryer balls, cloth diapers, etc.) & give her a like.

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