Cosleeping: Why We Think It’s The Best

I feel like it’s important to start with we NEVER planned on cosleeping. It just happened. And it was the best thing that could’ve happened to two parents (especially me) so frazzled and sleep deprived. That being said, I think if you’re going to cosleep it should be a planned thing so that it’s safe for baby. Do as I say, not as I do, right?

You’ve waited ten months to see your perfect baby and you’re ready for whatever sleep deprivation comes with being a parent because it’s worth it, but are you really ready? I wasn’t. The first month went as smoothly as can be expected and then something disastrous happened. Logan got acid reflux. We spent all night every night trying to soothe a screaming baby and praying for sleep. Not too mentioned the added craziness of breastfeeding. He wanted to eat at night constantly. Nursing on me was the only way he’d sleep, which meant I wasn’t sleeping. Ever. Two months into this nightmare, I was falling asleep anywhere I sat down. It was like I had developed a severe case of narcolepsy! Then something miraculous happened. I brought Logan to bed with us, he nursed to sleep, and I dozed off. We both woke up refreshed the next morning. It was amazing! But for safety reasons, my husband was not sold on the idea.

So I started doing research. What would make cosleeping safe? How could I convince him this was what was best for our family and my sanity? I came across resource after resource saying the same things: don’t put baby on pillows, don’t use fluffy blankets, basically remove any element that might smother baby. Then there was: don’t drink or take drowsy medication. Pretty straightforward and logical precautions to take.
After that, I’m pretty sure it only took two nights of awesome sleeping to get my husband on board. We have coslept every night since then and I don’t see an end in sight. Occasionally, if we can put Logan down in the crib, we will. But we don’t push for that. If he doesn’t want to be in there and he’d rather be with us, so be it.
I want my child to feel safe and secure. I don’t want him to have to cry it out. These are my personal choices and I stand by them. Every parent has to do what is best for their family and this is what is best for ours.

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