Creating a space for YOU + your kids 

It’s not easy.

Kids are messy balls of chaos and their toys aren’t often what I’d refer to as “sophisticated,” but despite all of that YOU can create a space that satisfies the needs of both parties & that everyone will love. 

Think color. Find a few colors that you are into that complement each other and stick with it. We have a grey & green look going with wood furniture. There a few pops of pink & blue as well, but the dominant is grey + wood for both our furniture and the kids. This is their play kitchen & their art desk. Unfortunately their open facing book shelf isn’t available at target anymore, but I really like the simplicity of this one from KidKraft.

Pick furniture that looks nice, but works with kids. These grey cubbies next to the art desk hide toys and clutter while still looking modern & fresh. We have two sets and they also house our dvd collection. Then these hooks come in handy for hanging up play clothes & hats.

Divide the room. We have a side that is more “adult” and a side that is all about playtime. The adult side gets a lot of use as a breakfast nook/hangout. However the couch also doubles as little man’s spot to watch movies and eat lunch. Super functional and pretty to look at!

Have centers. Encourage kids to play in one area at a time. See how we oriented the play kitchen and book nook to be ‘separate’? It limits mess. Mostly. They are chaotic creatures, remember? I mean, K followed me around pulling out toys while I took these pictures. Parenting, you guys.

Use bins! We have so many cloth bins and I love them. We use this 13×13 cube for soft blocks, this grey & white cloth toy bench in the book nook for stuffed animals, this one for art supplies, this size for puzzles, & these for legos. They’re amazing. 

Fake it till you make it. I’m a nester and a bit of a perfectionist, so I always see new ways to try and arrange the room and it wears my poor husband out. With the acquisition of our new couch a few weeks ago, I have finally finished our room, but it took time. The room feels so amazing to be in and I really love the look. It’s fun and vibrant, but not over the top.The pillows added a nice touch, plus some softness to the extra firm couch my husband requested. Then our Lorena Canals World Map rug pulls it all together.

Happy creating! If you’re on IG and have a cool family room, I’d love to see it! Tag me @themamajourney. I always love ideas–sorry husband!

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