Cultivating a Playful Child

I’m always saying that Logan has an amazing sense of humor. Especially for that of a one year old. I attribute a large part of this to his Daddy. They play together a lot and Logan looks forward to Eric coming home from work and being with us on the weekends. We are always silly with Logan. Lots of snuggles and tickles and laughter. I’m not sure how much is just little man’s personality, but I do think he’s picked up some of his humor from us.

Here are 7 ways to cultivate a playful child:

1.) Blowing raspberries. We’ve been blowing raspberries on Logan since the beginning. I truly can’t get enough of that squishy adorable belly. Plus, his giggles are magical. Imagine our surprise when one morning he woke up, lifted up my shirt, and blew a HUGE raspberry! It cracked us all up. Now, he tries do blow raspberries on any exposed belly he sees. Too funny!
2.) Touching the nose. Logan has an adorable baby nose. Fact. I don’t know how it started by we would put our index finger on the tip of his nose. It’s become a show of affection in our family. Well, Mr. Smartypants has now picked up this behavior to. He will point at you and touch the tip of your nose as a way of saying hi. It’s such an wonderful interaction.
3.) Tickles. The first time I ever made Logan smile I was tickling him on the changing table after bath time. It was the briefest of smiles, but it was the very first one and it melted my heart. As he’s gotten older, I notice that it’s not so much the action of tickling that he enjoys, but the silly way in which I say “Tickle, Tickle, Tickle” as I tickle him.
4.) Laughter. Logan loves to laugh. His Daddy had the distinct pleasure of making Logan laugh for the very first time. I have it on video! If I could bottle Logan’s laughter, I could fix the world. Seriously, it’s that powerful. I think the greatest thing about Logan laughs is that they’re infectious. If he’s laughing we’re laughing and he laughs at us laughing at him. It’s never ending, but also incredible!
5.) Silliness. In a day, I must make a million silly faces, voices, and gestures. Logan loves silly. He makes his own silly faces. I’m not sure where he got it, but he scrunches up his little nose and makes these heavy breathing noises. One of the funniest and cutest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I hope that the silly songs that I sing with Logan and the silly voices his Daddy uses when telling him a story help to grow his little imagination, so that he can go on wonderful adventures no matter where he is. Imagination is not taught it’s grown and nurtured.

6.) Clapping. Clapping was one of the first skills Logan learned. He loves to clap and his loves the praise that comes with it. If you want him to repeat an action, all you need to do is clap. But it’s cute as can be when he starts clapping for reasons unknown and if you join in with him, he’ll give you a beaming smile.

7.) Peek-a-boo. We have played peek-a-boo with Logan so much that if you say to him, “Peek-a-boo, Logan,” he will pop out from his ‘hiding’ spot and then go back into hiding to keep playing. He’s very patient with this game. Slowly revealing himself. First you’ll see a little hand reach around the closet and then his head will pop out, and if you chase after him he laughs and tries to escape.

Logan’s smile and his silliness are the best parts of my day and I’m so grateful for our time to play together.

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