Daily Goodie Box Reveal (Why should you join — it’s FREE fun & tasty noms!)

*I received these products for an unboxing post BUT anyone can sign up & have the chance to receive  a free goodie box, too!*

I seriously don’t know why anyone wouldn’t join Daily Goodie Box! It’s free to enroll & if you’re chosen you get a cool box of products to try & review. It’s definitely the perfect way to learn about new brands.

I was so excited to get a box full of organic & non-gmo products! Right after taking the box reveal photo, the toddler and I immediately devoured our Fig Bar from Nature’s Bakery. So tasty & dairy-free!

Then later that night he was onboard to try the Jack n’ Jill Natural Toothpaste. I’m pretty sure his exact words were, “Mmm this is yummy!” So, safe to say that got the stamp of approval, too.

Now, a couple of the things I left specifically for my husband to try. He has been having trouble with his sleep, so I wanted him to sample the JustChill drink & the Dream Water – Sleep PowderHe said they worked well, maybe faster than the 30 minutes on the package. So well, in fact, he fell asleep playing his video games and ran deep into an enemy infested area and got his character killed…whoops!

These snacky items (Gorilly GoodsCoffee BlocksAloha Daily Good Greens, and Vermont Smoke & Cure Stick) I’m putting in our car for when we need something quick to munch on, or, we need a pick me up! The XyliChew Spearmint gum for fresh breath goes into the glove box because you never know when the people in the restaurant will “accidently” forget to leave out the onions.

Now, I don’t tend to need a change up in my laundry routine. I find something that works and I stick to it, but I cannot wait to see how Nellie’s All-Natural Laundry Soda holds up in our rock hard well water and see if it works for K’s cloth diapers.

Like the Fig Bar, this popcorn didn’t even last the day! And my husband didn’t  make it home from work fast enough  for me to share. Pretty safe to say we’re Goodie Box converts. I hope we can keep Goodie Boxing it up in the coming months!

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