Dairy Free Dino Birthday Cake!!

Pretty sure we nailed parenting for little man’s fourth birthday! He specifically requested a dinosaur chocolate cake, and boy did we deliver.

Now, y’all, this kid is dairy-free, soy-free, & never eats junky food coloring because he has food allergies and acid reflux, so I spent awhile looking around for the perfect recipe. I searched Pinterest high & low, but nothing matched up. Finally, I remembered about this depression time cake recipe where they were working with rations, and therefore limited ingredients. Searching for that cake produced results immediately. This is the recipe I used. It is incredible, dairy-free AND egg-free, and I will be using it again this weekend when we re-celebrate our little dude’s birthday. So keep an eye out for a T-Rex cake next!

Now for the icing, I couldn’t find a dairy-free alternative that didn’t have us using canned coconut cream to make it. Since I didn’t have canned coconut cream, I used SO Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Creamer (Original). Cluelessness is truly the mother of invention because people were talking about this icing for days! I honestly just got lucky.

Now, I’m one of those bakers who goes a little rogue and doesn’t do exact measurements. For icing I go by texture/taste. So, you’ll want a 24 oz bag of powdered sugar. We use Wholesome. I used a sifter to take out any big chunks before placing it in my mixing bowl. Depending on how much icing you need, you might not use the whole bag of sugar, but our cake was decent sized and we came pretty darn close. Sugar rush for the win! After sifting the powdered sugar, add the coconut milk creamer tablespoon by tablespoon until it’s the consistency you want. Then I added a cap full of vanilla extract and it was done.

From there,we put aside most of the icing for the body, but we left a small amount of white for detail work like eyes, feet, & horns. The bulk of the icing became this blue/green you see and we caved and used traditional food coloring. We even let little man put the color in, so this is his unique color choice. He loved it! While I would normally prefer to make the colors ourselves using natural ingredients, we decided that once a year on your birthday was probably cool. All things in moderation.

The pupil of the dino eye & some other touch up work is made from Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate Chips that we melted down in the microwave.

While I baked a delicious cake (toot, toot on my horn😂), the real genius behind the cake is my husband. He took it from looking like this:

To this!

And then finally this!!

Happy birthday little love!!! I cannot believe you’re four!!!

Dairy Free Dino Cake Recipe, Simple, How To & Fun Pics

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    1. Thank you! He had a blast. He only talks about the cake almost everyday And thank goodness for my husband bc I could not make a dino cake myself. Haha

  1. This is the cutest cake. I think this is going to be our situation. Ryan my baby girl right now reacts when I eat dairy- so I’m dairy free right now. She also has acid reflux really bad and we have her on meds. We are hoping that she grows out of it but as you know- you just have to wait it out sometimes to find out. Thanks for sharing

  2. This cake is si adorable! My daughter had a dinosaur cake foyer her 4th birthday a few months ago. I would have loved this recipe then, because I am newly lactose intolerant!

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