Don’t stay silent & expect things to get better

I’ve sat down to write this a thousand times since November 2016.

And every time, I’ve changed my mind.

I’ve mentally written this piece a thousand times since November 2016.

And every time, I’ve failed to find a way to say it here.

I’m worried for my friends of color. For my LGBTQ+ friends. For my friends who openly and actively oppose Trump, White Supremacists, & Nazis. Because honestly, what year is it that Nazis still get to be here spewing their hate? That needs to be shut down.

I’m worried that by even putting my thoughts down here for those evil people to see that I’m putting myself, and possibly even my family, at risk. The thing that scares me most though is knowing how hypocritical my fears are when PoC are dealing with them every day.

But, I have been creating a following of strong women and families since I started this blog 4 years ago, and I’d like to believe that they’ve grown to trust me and value my opinion. I’d also like to believe that regardless of how they found my blog, they’ve continued reading because they relate to me, to my life, to my family, and to my beliefs.

For that reason, I’m speaking out. While I’ve been sharing and sharing on my personal social media, I’ve been silent here. Not quite knowing what to say and knowing that so many others have said it more eloquently that I ever have or could. But not saying it, that’s the worst thing you can do because silence allows them to get away with it. And I will not be silent.

I want my friends of color and my friends that are apart of the LGBTQ+community to know that I’m here. I’m doing the work. I’m educating myself. That I will never be silent in these turbulent times. That I will not hide behind my white privilege. That I do not condone the actions of others with white skin that aim to destroy kind hard-working people and families.

That I do not believe that we should all just find a way to love each other like our President seems to think because there should not still be racism, bigotry, and Nazis in 2017. It’s time for these hateful people to go. It’s time for reparations to be made to PoC. It’s time for PoC to not have to teach their children that they need to fear the world around them simply because of the color of their skin.

It’s time for white people to DEFEND the Black Lives Matters movement instead of seeking to cover it will All Lives Matters or Blue Lives Matters.

I’ll leave you with this quote:

“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth & acting accordingly.” -Mahatma Gandhi

And these resources/blog posts/articles that I’m linking, so that you can educate yourself & figure out what you believe in and what you’re willing to fight for.

Are you fighting to raise socially conscious and morally strong empathetic children? I am. And you should be. We need to strive to leave this world a better place than when we found it. When need to fight for our children to do better & be better. This is the legacy I want for them.

Ready to be an ally? The Safety Pin Box has subscriptions for both adults and children to learn how to be effective allies. I follow them on FB & you should, too.

Feel like the confederate statues coming down are displacing history? Think again & watch this clip because it couldn’t be further from the truth. This article from the Washington Post is also good.

Or this post from Everyday Feminism which discusses how white people hating to address racism is the whole root of the problem. I really identify with this article because when I first started unpacking my privilege a few years ago, it made me so uncomfortable. The reason for this? Because most people are implicitly biased and you might not even know it. For more about what that means. Read the article. Do the work.

And white women? Don’t just point the finger at white men and wash your hands of it because it’s on us, too. United Daughters of the Confederacy, I’m looking at you. Teen Vogue published this article last week.

And this blog post from Life of a Minister Mom; a blogger, woman, & mom I really admire.

Racism Matters & A Lesson on Empathy

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  1. Thank you for linking back to my post friend. I really poured my heart into it as I see you have done here as well. Praying for peace, and more understanding and love during these difficult times.

  2. I LOVED Patricia’s post too! It’s so easy to stay silent but I agree that in this case silence is not the idea response. Education is key and I believe standing up for others needs to happen more often.

  3. I honestly think that our world is just scary in general. Everyone believes that they are more important than others- I hope this comes out right- for example, everyone is more selfish and not caring about others- their is more bullying in general in the world and with social media- the bullying has gotten so intense that people are mentioning that they want to kill themselves on live Facebook and others chime in to tell them to do it. How sick is our world where racism, cruelty to someone else because of their different choices than yours, bullying, etc is considered ok. Education is key- teach our children to love each other no matter what and to be kind. We are all born loving one another and having no judgement and we all need to learn a lesson from our young children in that way.

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