Easy Rainy Day Activity

So, if you’re in Texas, you’ve probably been stuck inside with all the wet weather, and if you’re a parent this means watching the wild look in your child’s eyes as they start to go stir crazy.

So, here is a quick to set-up & easy to play indoor activity to curb some of that restless energy!

What you’ll need:

  • Baseball Cap (per child bc sharing/waiting wasn’t on the agenda)
  • Small magnets
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Tape
  • Safe pan to fill with water
  • Bottle Caps

**The blue hat was my husband’s first model, but the paperclip is not necessary. The green hat doesn’t have one.**


Take your small magnet and using tape attach it to a pipe cleaner.

Then take a second pipe cleaner and attach it to the back of the hat.

AItttach the two pipe cleaners together to make a “fishing pole.”

Fill your bin with water and set the bottle caps inside. Sinking or floating doesn’t matter. We did both.

Have your kids put on their hats, tell them NO HANDS, watch them fish.

This activity is super fun & will keep your littles occupied for quite some time.

They might even cry when it’s time to pick up….

Our 1 year old loved it just as much as the 4 year old, but keep a close eye on the littler ones to make sure they don’t put any supplies in their mouth.

This activity is also perfect for those winter days when it’s too chilly to go outside & play.

This game is also Dad tested & approved!

Did you try it? I’d love to know what you think!

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