Eco-Kids Crayons & Dough Review

I asked for eco-kids eco-dough & eco-crayons for Logan’s first birthday because I wanted him to be able to participate in art projects without having to worry if he got some of that ‘art’ in his mouth. I also still want to acquire the eco-finger paint, the eco-build a block set, and the eco-egg coloring kit for next Easter. Yes, I may be a tad bit addicted to this brand, but I digress.

So, Logan and I sat down together at our coffee table to make a coloring masterpiece. I, drawing a really rockin’ sun with shades. Logan, pounding the crayon against the paper as hard as he could. The end result was gorgeous. Truly.

That’s when I saw it, a tiny baby piece of crayon that Logan was attempting to put in his mouth. My mommy alert level was raised to high and I quickly snatched away the choking hazard. My whole purpose in purchasing eco-kids brand was so that if he swallowed some we didn’t have a hospital stomach pumping situation on our hands. I didn’t think or imagine it could be a choking hazard. Live and learn. I will say that we still color, but I’m vigilant about watching for tiny pieces in tiny hands making their way to tiny mouths.

Now obviously, this was my bad. The age recommendation is right on the box, age 2+. This does not reflect poorly on the product in anyway! In fact the product is awesome! The eco-crayons make blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, and black–at least in our box.  I’m truly so pleased because a couple months back I had a mishap with natural food coloring claiming to be blue and actually coming out brown. I was a little nervous that these natural colors would let me down the same way, but not a chance! They’re gorgeous and vibrant colors! Like I said earlier, I really loved coloring with them, more so than little Logan at the moment. However, I know a few months down the road, he’ll be going to town coloring, so I’ll just keep them tucked in a safe place till then!

I’m not quite sure why I thought Logan would be interested in this type of art yet, but I’m positive I was more excited than he was to open up the eco-crayons and get to creating. His favorite part was opening and closing the box. It’s a cool box, but come on, they’re fantastic all natural crayons, don’t play with the box! I guess this comes back to that whole age appropriate thing, which as a first time mom, I may have overlooked, but the products are still fabulous!

The eco-dough is also top notch. My only objection to it is that it flakes when you take it out of the container. Not good for carpets. Although, I was able to get it back up with very little effort. Of course, the thing that I ‘dislike’, is also proof that it’s made with natural ingredients. Unlike toxic playdoh, eco-dough doesn’t just magically stay together. Don’t get me wrong, if you work the dough, you can make awesome shapes just like old school playdoh, so absolutely make the switch to eco-dough. My only recommendation, play with it outside. Or, make sure your child is old enough to understand they have to keep it on the mat. Again, age appropriate, common sense. First time mom–rookie mistakes. However, despite being a bit messy, Logan LOVES to squish the eco-dough! It kept him busy for about 10 minutes, which considering his age is amazing! I’m a HUGE fan of eco-kids!

Seriously, y’all, invest in non-toxic, natural ingredient art supplies for your kiddos. It’s the smart choice; not just because inevitably little kids put all sorts of things in their mouths and you don’t want to have to worry about calling the hotline on the back of the box–in case of ingestion, dial this number–but also because toxins are not only ingested, they are absorbed through the skin. So the argument that your child will not be absorbing toxins if they don’t eat it is flawed.

Make the best choice for your kiddos, choose eco-kids!

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