Expandable Garden Water Hose ((Review)) #RY_Gardener

*I received this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

The RAAYA Expandable Garden Water Hose has been a great addition to our home! We have a large family garden in the backyard, but are forced to run a hose from the garage to the garden in order to get water. It is a pain to say the very least because the heavy duty hose is not easy to manuever through the raised beds due to the weight and material.

The texture & shape of RY Gardener’s water hose is great. I honestly couldn’t picture what it would look like when we removed the hose from it’s box and it was all scrunched up, but it expands so well! Our toddler thought the hose was fascinating and enjoyed helping us water the garden with it.

The RAAYA does what every gardener hopes it will do, besides water, of course. It glides without lots and lots of tugging. The hose also doesn’t bunch up, throw kinks, or get hung up and stuck on corners and turns. My husband attributes this advantage to the design of the hose since it is pressurized giving it stability. Truly the unique 4 layer feature adds extra durability. In fact, the layers of high-quality latex and PVC helpsprevent the hose from springing leaks and breaking down. These are HUGE advantages to our old “traditional” hose.

But the biggest & best feature of the RAAYA is the water shut-off valve at the top. If we want to remove or add the spray hose nozzle, instead of kinking and damaging a normal hose or trudging all the way back to the garage to turn off the water, trudging back to place the sprayer head, and then heading back to the garage to turn the water back on, we just switch it off right there. Can you imagine how much time and frustration that saves? Truly, everyone in our house, especially my parents who are the bigtime gardeners, are loving this feature.


The RAAYA’s stretch allows it to expand to its full 50 feet then when you’re finished watering it bounces back to compact and is easily stored. As a bonus, this hose comes with a storage hanger, so that it’s up and out of your way.You don’t have to worry about tripping over it constantly. It’s tucked neatly away until you’re ready to use it again.

The RAAYA Expandable Garden Water Hose is perfect for novice and amateur gardeners and totally worth the price point. It is a quality product that will last you years!


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