My Dad’s Day Gifts ❤

Daddy Love-1Unlike most years when I spend a hectic day of running around at the last minute trying to find gifts, this year for Father’s Day, or Dad’s Day as it’s referred to in my home, I put together an array of t-shirts for my husband and my Dad. Each of them loves to wear their shirts until they’re practically disintegrating, so I knew that they definitely needed new ones. Only, I didn’t want just any plain ol’ shirt, I really wanted to get them some that were cool & fun for Daddy and Grandpa.

I was able to do the majority of my shopping on Etsy, like I do for almost everything else. I’m definitely a bit Etsy addicted since the amazing handmade items give me something to look at when I breastfeed baby girl. Moms, you know what I’m saying. Truly, my only issue with Etsy is you have to pay shipping over & over again buying from various sellers & shops. Other than that, the goodies I found are so fantastic and perfect for the men in my life that I shouldn’t even complain about the extra shipping costs.

For my husband:

2 Matching Father/Kiddo Tshirts from BKYKid


^^These sets are great because Dad can get wicked awesome back rubs while your kiddo gets playtime! #winwin

3 Fitted T-Shirts from Love, Family, & Home:

^^They feauture one adult’s hand and one child’s hand fist-bumping in the center. The F/S one is black & white while the F/D one is black with a touch of pink.

3 Fitted T-Shirts from Junk Food Clothing Co:


For my Dad:
My Dad was tough because he is an XLT. I literally could only find ONE shirt on Etsy that was Grandpa themed AND XLT, but he wouldn’t have liked it. For the shirt I got him off of Etsy, I had to get XXL, so I’m hoping it won’t be absolutely enormous. I had much better luck on Cafe Press. Though, their XLT colors were quite limited.


For my brother:
I made my brother an honorary “Dad” because my kids just love him! Little man drags him off to play every chance he gets.


Besides the shirts, I also ordered my husband a Black WatrBotl because he loves mine & a gaming keyboard+mouse to go with his new computer at work in honor of his recent promotion to manager.

In addition to the shirts for my Dad, I’ll probably throw in some delicious milk chocolate.

If you don’t want to purchase presents, I highly recommend making a delicious treat. I’ve found that chocolate chip cookies & brownies are always appreciated!

And I’ve never gone wrong with creating homemade cards. I love to use the kids’ hands or feet to make family keep-sakes. I think the unique cards are the most special.

The honest-to-God-truth is there is no right present for everyone. You know your husband, father, or grandfather best, so you decide what to get them! It’ll be special just because it came from you!

Happy Dad’s Day to all the rockstar papas out there!!

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