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 Y’all know that I just love to feature WAHMs, and this lovely lady is just that–a hardworking, awesome (and local) mama! Usually I’d write up a review of the product, but for this particular post I’m doing something different. This WAHM is going to tell you a little about herself and her business.
About Desiree:
“I’m a board certified music therapist working with individuals who have developmental disabilities and I’m in the process of starting my own business called Blue Skies Music Therapy. I’m also a part-time stay at home mama to a curly little two year old named Lucia. She is by far the best thing I have ever created.”
Her Sewing Background:
“I’ve always felt that sewing was in my blood. My mom is a retired fashion and costume design teacher and I can’t remember a day of my childhood that didn’t involve the background noise of the sewing machine. My two sisters and I wore a lot of matching dresses, designed our own prom dresses, had the best dressed dolls on the block, and got to be exactly what we wanted every Halloween. If there were pants that were too long, a top that was too immodest, a dress that just didn’t hang right, she could fix it. As I got older, moved away from home, and then had a daughter of my own, I realized how incredibly lucky I was and what a completely necessary skill it is to have a basic understanding of sewing and garment construction. My poor mom had tried to corral her girls and teach us when we were younger, but sewing and crafting were so different in the 90’s! In the minds of me and my sisters there was nothing cool about sewing or making crafty things so we resisted her at every turn. Later when I moved a little closer to home, I told my mom that I wanted to learn EVERYTHING. She taught herself to sew when she was a teenager and now I am learning from her. It’s a legacy that I am proud to continue.”
A Desi Lu Production (The making of a business):
“I decided to start an Etsy shop  after I found the business bib pattern through another seller on Etsy (who allowed me to become a licensed seller.) I had seen similar shirt and tie bibs online and I felt that while they were cute patterns, they were lacking the authenticity of menswear. Which sounds silly because we are talking about babies, but as a new parent I noticed that the clothing that I was drawn to buy for my daughter were the outfits that looked like something I would wear, but in miniature. The simple fact was that most parents wanted to dress their baby up in something that was similar to their own style. So I decided to look at the trends in menswear and use classic patterns like plaids, argyle, gingham, and stripes, pairing them in a way that I felt even my own husband would wear while sticking to color palettes that keep a youthful feel. Being the oldest of three girls and having a daughter of my own, the challenge of doing items for little boys interested me, and I had heard from so many of my friends who had little boys that there was a general lack of stylish baby boy merchandise out there. I like to think that I am helping to close that gap a little bit.
My favorite part of the process is the designing and shopping! I do most of my searching online or at independent fabric stores to find truly unique prints. Every time I tell myself that I’m done with the business bibs and maybe it’s time to start looking at something different, I find another print that is just too perfect to pass up. I try to keep a mix of the trendy and the classic so that there is something for everyone. It’s also been exciting and validating to see how the designs that I feel are my most inspired are the ones that sell the best. There have been times when I have ventured into something overly cutesy or not quite my style and I would use it anyway, thinking that it would be a big seller and instead it just sits there. It’s taught me to trust my instincts when creating and design what I love. I also welcome your ideas and custom orders! Some of my favorite designs came out of conversations with customers who were looking for something very specific.”
I also just want to encourage everyone to create and improve. Try something new. Take a basic skill to the next level and challenge yourself. We are all inherently creative. Whether you are creating a baby bib, a wall hanging, a healthy meal for your family, a safer country, a loving and respectful child, you are putting something good out there and making our world more beautiful!
Desiree has kindly created a discount code that is good through January 31st to use for 10% off in her Etsy shop.  Enter THEMAMAJOURNEY at checkout.

Plus, don’t forget to enter #adesiluproduction #giveaway for your chance to win this adorable hipster business bib!

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