Finally {Fuss Free} Towels from Bare.Bundle

*I received these products free or at a discount for review, but all opinions expressed are my own.*

Baby towels are one thing that should be on every new parent’s registry. Even if you’re delaying bath time, we did with baby girl, at some point you’re going to need to give them a little wash and you’re going to need something to dry them off with.

The trouble with this is that a baby towel needs to be super soft for that delicate new skin and it needs to be easy to use. I know what you’re thinking, “Beth, how hard can it be to use a regular towel from Target? I mean, come on.” But hear me out! When you have a tiny little wiggly person that is soaking wet and you’re all by yourself, you’ll be unbelievably grateful to have a towel that loops around your neck and stays in place. This allows you to focus completely on safely getting baby out of the bath and be confident that the towel is ready to receive them when you do.

In the last three years, we’ve gone through a few types of towels that have ranged from not at all awesome to pretty good. Bare.Bundle’s Fuss Free Towel blows all of them out of the water. Their edge comes from having a product that is not only functional for newborns, but also grows with your kids.The original towel will work for them from the day they come home and see them well into toddlerhood. That’s the size we have for baby girl. The new larger size will work for a 4 year old through elementary school, maybe even longer, and that’s the size we have for little man.

In addition to Bare.Bundle having a long-term design, they also offer cute prints to pick from that come in, what I consider a unique fabric for towels, Bamboo Cotton. I was concerned that this fabric wouldn’t be absorbant enough, but I completely was wrong. When your wet child gets wrapped up in the towel, it’s amazing how quickly the water gets pulled off. I find the Bare.Bundle towel also helps warm the kids back up in the transition out of the warm bath and keeps them warm until they get dressed. The towels can also double as a blanket on roadtrips! In fact, I love the bamboo cotton so much, if they make an adult towel, I’m getting one for me and one for the hubs.

The only thing I’d like to see added to the original towel is a hood. I know this isn’t a make or break for most parents, but I really love hoods on our kid’s bath towels. I think it helps keep them warm plus helps their hair dry faster. However, like I mentioned above, this towel keeps them toasty warm despite not having one. Luckily, Bare.Bundle is now offering an organic hooded option, too! Guess which one we want next? You got it! 

This is the towel! The button loop closures allow parents to keep it secured around their neck during bathtime, but also allows another way to hang it to dry for those living in small spaces without multiple wall hooks. You can even see that I used it to keep the towel around our daughter (completely supervised) since she’s not quite old enough to do it herself yet.

I’m going to start using a Bare.Bundle Fuss Free Towel + a Snoofy Bee as my go-to baby shower gift because they’re two must-have items for parents that get left completely off of registries.

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