Finnegan’s Footprint Cloth Diapering Review & Giveaway

SweetPeaDiaper Cover &Flat

*I received these items free for review. All opinions expressed here are my own.*

In case you missed my introductory post about Finnegan’s Footprint opening, you should check it out! This company is so cool and is working hard to bring in the most eco-friendly products at a family friendly price.

Flat + SnappiNo surprise here, but we still love cloth diapering just as much as we did when we started over a year ago. The whole experience has been amazing and eye-opening. I’ve developed serious attachments to certain products and brands along the way, which is why when I was offered the opportunity to try the Sweet Pea Flats, I jumped on it! We have been using Sweet Pea prefolds since the beginning and they are so soft, hold up well, and absorb like nothing else. The flats are just as impressive. One thing my husband and I were excited about besides the very large size allowing you to do multiple folds is that the flat is textured. What this means for us is that we can pair it with our Snappi because it has something to [sink its teeth into]. For this reason, the Sweet Pea Flat has moved into first place as our favorite! We just throw a wool cover on top and call it good. As long as you change your child every two-three hours as recommended, we’ve found it’s a bullet-proof solution.

Another new product we got to test out is the Sweet Pea One Size Diaper Cover. Besides being absolutely adorable with owls on the outside, it has been a fabulous addition to our PUL covers collection. The best part about this diaper cover, in my opinion, is that it has the double gusset at the leg, which helps to ensure that no poop sneaks out. Highly desirable quality in a diaper, right? Plus, the double gusset also keeps the prefold/flat in place as our active toddlers runs, climbs, and jumps around. An all-around wonderful fit. The cover snaps down to accommodate infants at 8 pounds and keeps on working till 35 pounds. We have a tall toddler who is 26 pounds and he uses the full rise, but still has room to move the snaps outwards as he gets bigger.

double gusset sweet pea OS

Finally, we got try out Balm Baby Diaper Balm (and 1st Aid), which was a brand I was completely unfamiliar with, but ended up loving! Logan had developed a diaper rash after consuming too much acidic tomato sauce and the balm cleared the rash up within the afternoon. It goes on clear and smooth, is 100% cloth diaper safe, and easily washes off hands. I found this last part to be wonderful because I hate the goopy diaper creams that you just can’t seem to wash away. I imagine this balm would also be great on dry skin, cuts, and burns; definitely living up to its name.

Now you’ve heard about all the cool things we got to try out, how about something for you?! Finnegan’s Footprint is giving away one Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO Cloth Diaper in Owl print AND Balm Baby is throwing in a jar of their Diaper Balm (and 1st Aid)!!! Enter below and tell your friends to check it out, too!

Terms & Conditions: This giveaway is open to those 18 years and older living in the United States and Canada. Winner will be contacted by email or Facebook message, so please remember to check often. If winner does not respond within three days of congratulatory email, a new winner will be drawn. Package will be shipped out after making contact with winner. Thanks for participating! 5d45f3_4dec1137765b4b79ad5c8ec61961b37f

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  1. I started using cloth because the are so stinkin’ cute! Of course there were other factors but it was the multiple options and designs that made it so desirable.

  2. I started cloth diapering because both of my sons have very sensitive skin, my middle child had a diaper rash from birth to about three months old from just about every disposable on the market, 5 years ago any how. At the time there was only Huggies Naturals, which helped relieve his rash a bit, but didn’t allow it to clear up. In addition to the rash, we also started to save money since we had two in diapers. My favorites are AI2 and hybrid fitteds.

  3. I started using cloth diapers because it was a nice back-up when we ran out of disposables. I’ve only ever used flats/prefolds and covers.

  4. I started using cloth because they are so cute. I like all kinds. I have aio pocket fitted flats prefolds

  5. I started to save money. The fact that they hold ebf poo in so well definitely sold me on cloth diapers. All the cute prints are just an added bonus. My favorite right now are thirsties and sweat pea nb covers and cotton prefolds!

  6. We started using cloth because we didn’t like all the nasty chemicals used in disposables and to save money. My favorite type of cloth diaper is currently pocket diapers.

  7. I started using cloth diapers initially to help us save money ( them being chemical free and good for the environment was an added bonus). My current favorite diaper are my Kawaii’s, but I’m needing to purchase more diapers for my stash, so I am going to look at adding some new brands as well.

  8. I started with my first the day she came home from the hospital. Started out with lilJoeys, but have fallen in love with our Grovia AI2s!

  9. We started with prefolds and covers, which we love, and are waiting until Kiddo is a little bigger before we try our AIO and pockets!

  10. I started cloth diapering when I had a playdate with a friend who cloth diapers and after talking with her I was hooked. It has saved me a bunch since I have twins and they are just so cute! My favorite diapers are the bamboo aio sweet pea ones!!

  11. I started cloth diapering because I love the prints! And also they don’t smell super chemically! I did it because they also look SOO MUCH more comfy than sposies.

  12. I honestly started because they’re cuter than disposables, but now that I’m using the same diapers on a second kid, I’m liking the saving money part! And my favorites are AIOs: simple, easy, and trim!

  13. Why did you start using cloth diapers?
    I started cloth diapering after hearing about all the benefits from a group of cloth diapering mothers. This is 3rd child and my first time cloth diaper and I LOVE IT. I’ve saved so much money, helped out the environment by not adding sposies to the pile and will pass on what I learn to others to help “sway” them to the cloth side.

    And what’s your favorite type?
    I just received some Capri covers with Thirsties fitted and I’m loving that I’m able to use my prefold with them. I also have some Fuzzibunz but they are 2 big right now but will come in handy later.

  14. I started using cloth to be more friendly to the environment and to save money. Little did I know that I’d fall in love with it! I’m currently liking flats and covers for day time and fitteds at night.

  15. I started using cloth diapers because they’re economical, cute, and save money over time. My favorite so far is blueberry with a prefold overnight and sweet pea nb during the day.

  16. I started using cloth diapers because of the money it saves my family. I’m excited that I get to see even more savings as I reuse the diapers for baby #2 coming in less than a month. I also love that I’m not adding diapers to the landfill. My favorite type diaper is a pocket diaper, but I’m excited to try out some AIOs when baby #2 arrives.

  17. We want to start cloth diapering so that we won’t be throwing away the kind of trash disposables make. We’re still building our stash, but I think my favorite type is All-in-2s for home use, and All-in-ones for when we travel and grandma will be helping with baby 🙂

  18. I started using cloth not only because of cost, but also the aspect that it’s environmental friendly. I’ve been experimenting with different types and don’t have one particular favorite yet.

  19. three years ago… and i have 2 in cloth. most of our diapers are prefitteds and we use wool or covers over but i love aios for the convenience!

  20. I started using them when our daughter was 4 months old, which was 4 months ago. I couldn’t stand the volume of waste being produced using disposables. I love both pockets and AIOs and like several brands- Thirsties, GroVia, Blueberry, and bumGenius. I have heard wonderful reviews about Sweat Pea so that is why I would love to win one to try them.

  21. I started using Cloth-Diapers a long time ago with my first daughter (she’s now 11yrs old, so the difference between the cloth-diapers I used them compared to nowdays is Totally different..For the Better mind you)..I started to use cloth-diapers for all of my girls from the time they were born up until I switched over to cloth trainer undies..My Top Fave Brands of cloth-diaper’s are definitely Sweet-Pea, LiL’Joey’s, Kawaii’s and I Love Hip-Hugger’s (which is a Local brand made by a Stay at Home Momma)..I Love the AIO’s, but when my oldest daughter was younger I was all about the pre-folds..GOOD-LUCK Everyone who entered this GROOVY Contest! 🙂

  22. My favorite is probably covers and prefolds. They are inexpensive and hold a lot. But with a squirmy little they also tend to be a little more difficult to put on lol. We started because of problems with rashes with disposables.

  23. I started using cloth because I didn’t like the idea of how much trash using disposable diapers would generate. The potential money saving was a nice benefit too, although at this point with all the new prints I keep buying even after we had a decent sized stash I’m not sure I’ve really saved much money … but I have something to show for it other than garbage! I really like having a variety of types of cloth diapers, I mostly use AI2 diapers at home, but daddy (and babysitters) prefers pockets or AIOs, and like fitteds and covers for overnight.

  24. Well, my baby is not born yet but I am going to use cloth diapers to save us money and it’s good for the earth so it is all around a better choice.

  25. We started for environmental reasons. I like them all for different reasons – flats and prefolds for newborn, AIO and AI2 for babysitter, fitteds and covers for night.

  26. I started using cloth because I didn’t get a chance to start with my son and being pregnant with my daughter I knew we couldn’t afford to do disposables for another two years. They are also very adorable. My favorite is AIO because they are perfect overnight although I only have 2 in our stash. The rest are covers, prefolds, flats and pockets.

  27. I am new to the mommy world and would love to start cloth diapering, but unsure where to start. This would be a great start to win this!

  28. We started using cloth to save money, but now that’s just one of many reasons! We use primarily covers and flats/prefolds.

  29. I actually started using cloth because I accidentally won one in a giveaway-and a few weeks later I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant! so it was meant to be 😀 My favorite kind was pocket but I kind of like AI2 now!

  30. I started using cloth, because I am a single mom and needed to cut costs. My favorite style is flat with wool covers, but honestly I love all cloth.

  31. We started using cloth with our now 7 year-old. We made the switch after a terrible 3 month stint of diarrhea that left her skin broken and bleeding. We switched to gDiapers back then and never looked back.
    Now our favorite with #3 is 4Ward Thinking hybrid-fitteds.

  32. We started almost 2 years ago to save money and create less waste. We like pockets to be able to customize absorbency!

  33. I started using cloth to try and save money and eventually realized how much better they were for my little one’s bum than disposables. If I had to choose a favorite kind I’d have to say AIOs just because they’re easier to put on when you’re in a hurry (or easier for my hubby 🙂 )

  34. I started using cloth because they are cruelty-free and much cheaper than the few cruelty-free disposables out there. Haven’t really found a favorite yet but I enjoy all the ones I’m using and reach for different ones for different reasons. Kissaluvs and Diaper Safari so far are the ones I reach for most.

  35. We just recently switched over to cloth diapers, and I can’t really say what my favorite kind are because we’ve only have a few so far – pocket diapers, and a couple ai1s. I can’t wait to try more and more though. It’s a bit addictive, isn’t it? LOL.. We started because it’s more economical and mainly because I hate the idea of spending money on sposies just to throw them away where they will be in a landfill for centuries. I love that when my little man is done with his cloth diapers we can pass them along to someone else to use and love.

  36. I started to reduce our eniromental impact. My favorite thing is that they make me feel like I am smarter than all the people trowing money away

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