Finnegan’s Footprint Review & Fall GIVEAWAY!

Picadilly at Finnigan's Footprint

Still trying to beat the heat? Looking for unique and fun pieces for your child’s back to school wardrobe? Look no further than the Piccalilly collection at Finnegan’s Footprint!

I had never heard of the UK brand Piccalilly until Finnegan’s Footprint put them on my radar, and I’m so glad! The soft organic fabric and high quality stitch will hold up to even the most vigorous playtime. Plus, stains are easily removed. This fact has been 100% tried and tested by our little man who spilled red pasta sauce all over his shirt the very first day he wore it. The stains are gone, and it looks brand new! I’m particularly impressed with how well they washed even though we have very hard water that tends to dull colors; these colors are as bright as ever! For keeping your kiddos’ closet manageable, the reversible shorts are great since you get two looks with one piece of clothing.

Moving into the fall as the temperature begins to drop, Piccalilly has gorgeous long sleeve shirts, pants, and pajama sets for your little ones. The pajamas are so cute and incredibly soft. They’re also roomy without being overly baggy, so your child can sleep comfortably without a lot of extra fabric to get caught in. I honestly can’t wait for some 40 degree evenings so we can start snuggling on these all the time. They’re going to be our favorite pajamas this fall for sure! Not to mention, I’m positive we’re going to be using those adorable red and white pants (candy cane) for our Christmas pictures this year. Comfy jammies for fall!

Visit Finnegan’s Footprint to check out the whole collection!

Switching gears a little, Finnegan’s Footprint also sent me a jar of BALM! Baby Teeth Paste for review that is the bomb diggity! Perfect for an essential oil loving granola mama (or papa), this tooth paste is GMO free and vegan friendly, and of course, safe to swallow, which is a comfort to parents of younger children. Made with good ingredients like coconut oil and orange essential oil, BALM! Baby Teeth Paste will leave your mouth feeling clean, refreshed, and healthy. I’ll be honest and say that the idea of orange flavored tooth paste turned me off, but it’s actually quite mild and tasty. Little kids who have acid reflux or just aren’t down with stronger flavors like mint will definitely prefer mild orange. It’s like eating fruit snacks! If fruit snacks cleaned and polished your teeth. Win-win!

Don’t forget to enter the Finnegan’s Fall Giveaway!!! Two lucky households will win! The prizes are slightly different but each include clothing from Piccalilly and a jar of BALM! Baby Teeth Paste! Good luck, y’all!

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