Fleece: Our Newest Overnight Solution & Review for Naturals R Dino-mite

Naturals R Dino-mite made some awesome mama cloth for my stash (if you’re in the market, see my review), but that’s not all this fabulous WAHM made for my family. She also made Logan a fleece cover for an alternate overnight solution. It’s the bomb-diggity! Oh yeah, I went there. Seriously, I love this cover! I use it almost every night and it’s perfect for Logan–the heavy wetter! Let’s just say this cover saved our bed from nightly pee baths when I couldn’t get our wool cover to stop leaking.

Now, when I started using our wool cover, I was completely hooked, but then I tried fleece and it’s amazing! It’s so soft, doesn’t have to be lanolized, and is allergy-sufferer friendly.

Don’t misunderstand, I still love wool, but I’m very pleased to have another overnight solution. I’m also very pleased to say that in the couple months we’ve been using the fleece cover, we have NEVER had a leak. Not one! Never! I’m floored because Logan needs so many layers & inserts to contain the pee. If you’re little one is leaking through your overnight solution, try fleece!

One of my favorite features of our fleece cover is the adjustable snaps. I love that I can get a tight fit around the waist no matter what giant fluffy diaper I shove underneath. I attribute this feature to why we’ve had so much success.

So, if your current overnight solution isn’t working for you or if wool is giving your child an allergic reaction, try fleece! I think you’ll love it!

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