For The Modern Dad ((JORD Wood Watches Review)) #jordwatch

JORD Ebony and Copper Wood Watch in BoxThis post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches, but all opinions expressed are my own. It also contains Amazon Affiliate Links**.

There is only one way to start a review on a watch this incredible and that is to say, I love absolutely everything about JORD’s Dover Series Ebony and Copper Watch including the box it came in. The wooden storage box has a magnetic lid and a storage drawer in the bottom. It is stunning, and then you open it to reveal a masterpiece. A self-winding, skeleton watch, the Ebony & Copper manages to be classy, edgy, and yet understated enough to go from weekend casual to weekday business. Subtle steam punk meets classic elegance, this watch is gorgeous from any angle.

The storage drawer is ideal for tiny (and easily lost!) cuff links, tie pins, & collar stays. In our house, we have to keep these away from tiny hands and mouths or they’d never be seen again. Plus, it keeps all his favorite work accessories in one easy to find location. Perfect for getting ready for work in a rush!

JORD Ebony and Copper Wood Watch in box next to tie.

JORD wooden box containing tie pins, collar stays, and cufflinks.

JORD Wood Watch Storage Box with Drawer

While the classy timepiece looks fabulous in the box, it looks even better on the wrist. My husband has said he loves the weight (powerful yet light), the fit (smooth and temp neutral), and how the face stays in place on his wrist and doesn’t rip out his arm hair. He also loves that he can stack it with his Fitbit without compromising style or functionality.

JORD Ebony & Copper Wood Watch on man's arm while he drinks coffee and reads the news.

I think this watch is perfect for the modern dad. It goes with him to the office or out with the kids. You could go so far as to call it a lifestyle piece because it can be with you every step of the way whether you’re reading the news with your morning coffee or jetting off to work. The Ebony & Copper is the very epitome of versatility.

Father and son play in the park while Dad wears a JORD watch in Ebony & Copper.
Photo Credit: Samantha Sloan Photography
Father snuggles daughter while wear dress clothes and a JORD watch in Ebony & Copper.
Photo Credit: Samantha Sloan Photography

Back of JORD Ebony and Copper Wood Watch

It even looks incredible from the back!

JORD Ebony and Copper Wood Watch on woman's wrist next to coffee cup

And also looks quite stylish on a woman’s wrist. Fitting in perfectly with women’s Fall fashion of oversized watches, comfy cardis, & knee high boots.

That being said, they do have equally impressive women’s watches! I’ve wanted The Frankie Series 35 in Dark Sandalwood & Slate for months now! Well, honestly, ever since Eric got his watch. He wears it all the time and I’m sooooo super jealous! Haha

And right now is the perfect time to buy because all JORD watches are 30% off for Amazon Prime Day!! Woohoo!

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