Franken-Fluff Review

**Disclaimer: Franken-Fluff provided the diaper for review, but all opinions expressed are my own.**

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the newest WAHMs to grace San Antonio, Shari. Shari just launched her business, Franken-Fluff, about a two weeks ago. We were brought together through a matter of chance–a mutual friend–and I’m so glad for it! Shari’s cloth diapers are the fitted diapers that were missing from our stash!

I love that we were able to meet up in person because I got to learn more about Shari and her business! Shari didn’t start sewing until this past February, which is amazing considering the quality of her cloth diapers! She couldn’t imagine life without cloth diapers and potty training was looming closer and closer for her family every day! While learning how to sew and trying to find the perfect pattern, she still couldn’t find one with a fit that she liked, so she created her own! Her diapers are a little wider and will very easily grow with your child until they’re ready to potty train! Her company name came from the way she likes to create a diaper from many different concepts. Shari told me that she does her best to reduce the waste her customers receive in packing even going so far as to ship her diapers in an “Eco Enclose”  bag that is 100% recycled material.

Our custom Franken-Fluff fitted, “Chevalier,” knight in French (see the cute little knight fighting the dragon), is the softest diaper we own even AFTER washing. It has a great fit and can stay dry up to 3 hours without a cover. (As long as you don’t have a super heavy wetter.) I let mine go the distance because I change Logan every three hours and you couldn’t feel any wetness on the outside.

There many, many reasons why Franken-Fluff has my vote! But a few are:

1.) Shari believes in being CPSC compliant and has created her company around this notion! Her diapers come complete with tag and she obeys all the rules.

2.) Shari uses two pieces of material to create the perfect look so that part of your design isn’t upside down. She confessed to me that this is a pet peeve of hers in other diapers that she’s seen.

3.) The snake-style soaker that comes with the diaper is COMPLETELY removable! This is quite rare for our snake-style diapers and a feature I must rave about. I’m not the only one in our household impressed by this, my husband loves it because it makes cleaning the poop off a lot easier.

4.) I don’t have to hide the adorable print because I don’t have to use a cover!!! This has been the worst thing about my fitteds–they’re always hidden, but no longer!

5.) The fit is wonderful! My walker can move, crawl, dance, fall (he’s newly walking, so it happens) and the diaper stays in place. No leaks, no movement, just perfection!

6.) Only natural fibers will come into contact your little one, which we’re very big on in this house. The more natural the better because it helps to reduce sensitivity. This is a big reason we’re moving away from PUL and looking for more fitteds like the one’s that come from Franken-Fluff!

You absolutely should buy yourself a Franken-Fluff fitted. They are made with premium materials–Polartec Windpro fleece, high quality bamboo velour and organic bamboo terry/fleece. While these fabrics may slightly raise production costs for Shari, she believes that they create the BEST product for her customers.

Stop by her Facebook and give her some love and then head over to her Etsy shop and make your new favorite cloth diaper purchase! 

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