Grill Brush 3X Review

ECKHART TOLLE*I received this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

When my wife said she found a grill brush to review I was excited. I had gotten a new one about a year ago, but Texas had weathered down the wooden handle and rusted my scraper plate a bit. We had the brush for several weeks before I had the opportunity to use it, so I had ample time to scrutinize the design. It looked gimmicky, and I thought,  “Hey?! Where is the super helpful little scraper plate on the end?” The handle was plastic and the bristles were not the rust proof bronze I was used to. I fully expected them to shed like a dog in the summer heat. I judged the book by its cover, and boy was I wrong. This is not your Granddad’s grill brush. It’s better, and I say that with confidence because I gave this brush a brutal challenge.

My father-in-law cooked six BBQ chickens the day before and that grill was ready for a clean. Crunchy, gooey, and down-right as nasty as a grill can get with bits of skin and sugary sauces baked into rock hard clumps. Game on 3X, game on.Before_

I should have tried to think up a more impossible challenge because the job was done so fast it was embarrassing. This brush cut through it in minutes and with minimal effort. I now have a much greater respect for the genius of the design. The metal is stainless steel, and the plastic handle will hold up against my neglect and the brutal Texas elements (no more cracked and splintery wood). The brush is over 3 times larger than my old brush! Those bottle brush shaped fingers get deep in the grooves of my grill and have more surface area with an “every angle” design that makes the job faster and easier. That scraper plate I was crying about earlier? This brush don’t need no stinkin’ scraper plate! This monster tore through the grime like wet tissue paper, and not a single bristle was lost. Those bristles are twisted inside the support arms instead of glued in like most other brushes, so they aren’t going anywhere! Well played 3X, you win this round.

I judged this brush harshly and I put it through my best test. My old grill brush is now retired and forgotten and my new 3X dangles proudly from the honored throne of my grill hook. Kudos to the designers of this brush. I wouldn’t change a thing. And thanks to my wife for the awesome Father’s day gift!Grill Brush 3X-1

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