Growing Hearts Doula Services Nursing Necklace Review

Growing Hearts Doula Services in New Braunfels is offering more than just birthing assistance. This mama doubles as WAHM who makes lovely items like the nursing necklace you see in these pictures. I’m completely hooked on the newest necklace in my collection. I missed being able to accessorize before purchasing my first nursing necklace, but it was impossible for me to wear any of my jewelry because Logan tugs, chews, and attempts to destroy.

I found Growing Hearts Doula Services on Facebook and by coincidence saw a posting that she was selling nursing necklaces. The owner/founder, Kristi, had a couple of pictures up and I was so excited because of the look. They were so different from the other necklaces that I already owned and that I had come across. 
I sent Kristi a private message right away to find out if she made any with organic cotton (crunchy mama strikes again)–she does–but in the process of gathering the information for my order, she kindly sent me pictures of her various fabric options, and when I saw this one, I knew it was the one for me. My thoughts of organic cotton went right out the window. Sometimes, for pretty items, it’s okay not to stick to your guns, right? 
Once I had the fabric picked, it came time to decide if I wanted ribbon to adjust length or have it be all fabric and closed off at the top (basically one length). I was leaning towards ribbon because of the versatility, but I decided to ask her opinion. After all, Kristi knows her products, so she’s the best source of information. She said that she prefers all fabric in lieu of ribbon because she never found a need to adjust the length. That made sense to me. Plus, I got to thinking about how hard Logan pulls on things and I’m pretty sure unless I tripled knotted the ribbon, he’d rip it off my neck. So, all fabric won out just because that’s what works for me. If I had a very gentle child, I probably would’ve gone ribbon. That’s the beauty of customization–it doesn’t have to be one size fits all!

I was blown away by how quickly Kristi had the necklace made and how quickly it got to me. Seriously, less than a week turnaround. Now, don’t get mad at her if she can’t make it that quickly for you as that is not my intent in telling you this, I’m just saying she has amazing customer service! She answered my questions in a prompt manner and always added extra details. It made the customizing part so much fun!

The functionality of my necklace is perfect. In fact, my husband even suggested rubbing some Punkin Butt Teething Oil on one of the beads–Logan loves it! And it makes the necklace smell delicious. For us, the necklace serves two main purposes. First, it gives Logan something to take his teething frustrations out on when I’m holding or baby-wearing him. Second, while he’s nursing he likes to hold onto something and I’d much prefer he grips this necklace instead of my belly fat. So, those are the big reasons I love it for Logan. I love it for myself because it is aesthetically pleasing and I get to dress up my outfits. Functional and gorgeous? What mama wouldn’t want that?
I highly recommend these necklaces! They are great quality and made up of 100% cotton fabric and a mix  3/4 inch and 1 inch unfinished wooden beads that are doubled stitched inside. The necklace can be hand washed and hung to dry or Kristi says it can survive a washing machine wash every once in awhile.

Visit Growing Hearts Doula Services Facebook Page to see more examples and customize your very own nursing necklace!

Growing Hearts Doula Services also makes nursing pads, nursing covers,  and carries authentic amber necklaces for babies and adults. In addition, she is working on a line for kids made up of baby doll cloth diapers and wipes.

**I purchased this item myself. All opinions expressed here are my own.**

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