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*I received this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own. *

Despite my best intentions before their respective births, I must admit I’ve barely had either of our babies in mittens during that newborn stage. I know the reasons to do it such as keeping dagger nails away from new, soft skin, but they always made my kids cry and thrash, so I never pressed the issue. What I have done; however, is used mittens for cold weather. I love tiny hands in tiny mittens! So precious! Unfortunately, mittens are hard to keep on and it is quite bothersome to constantly be watching to make sure you’re not leaving one behind at a store because your littles managed to work them off.

For this reason, I didn’t even have baby K’s Handsocks in my possession yet and already I knew I loved them. Adding an extra layer of warmth against a cold day or protecting baby’s skin from sharp nails, Handsocks have your baby’s skin covered! The unique design of socks plus mittens with a fold back flap is perfect for parents.

No need to transition from outdoor play to indoor by removing the mittens that you painstakingly put on just 30 minutes earlier. instead, just pull over the sock and little hands are free, but you can glove up in an instant as soon as you need to brave the winter weather once more. No hunting through the diaper bag for minature gloves. No worrying that you forgot one. The Handsocks are right there on baby. Simple.

Handsocks have another benefit over just little newborn mittens or even newborn gowns that feature the same type of fold over flap. The benefit being that if (when) your baby inevitably has a newborn blowout, the onsie/gown comes off, but the handsocks remain clean and in place. They even keep little arms warm through the transition. I think this is absolutely fabulous!


Handsocks have two types. The first, No Scratch Mittens, which we received, do as their name describes. These mittens come in two sizes 0-3 months and 3-12 months. The second, Plushy Mittens, which add extra protection and extra warmth, come in THREE sizes: 0-3, 3-12, and 12-24/2T. I think it’s wonderful that there is an option for toddlers, too. In fact, Handsocks are very beneficial for kids who need IVs, ports, or casts. They help limit kids from picking, poking, and proding areas that need to be left alone. They will also help keep small ones from messing with eczema and other itchy skin conditions. Maybe we need them in even larger sizes for when Chickenpox inevitably happens! I honestly wish we had these when little man had his outpatient procedure because they had to remove his IV as soon as the anesthesia wore off since he wouldn’t stop tugging at it trying to get take it off himself. Not to mention they would’ve been a godsend when little man was eaten alive by mosquitoes and wouldn’t stop scratching.


No matter what your intended purpose, right now we’re using them to protect her arms from teething rash and rug burn, if you have a new baby or a toddler, there is a place for Handsocks in your home! I think Handsocks will end up being a new mom’s diaper bag must-have item before too long. I know they’re already on mine!

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