Happy Baby, Happy Mama (A Round Up of Gear for your First Year & Beyond)

*This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Single Edition Media. I received these products for review, but all opinions expressed are my own.* 

We’ve all heard it, sleep when baby sleeps, as if somehow that will erase the nonsleep you’re getting at night. It doesn’t. Especially  for non-nappers like myself, and in all honesty when the baby and toddler sleep, all I want to do is my own thing. Like really  magical stuff: taking a shower longer than 7.5 minutes without the luxurious sounds of screams, or watching a tv show with bad language and hanging out with my husband. You have to find ways to balance being a mom and an actual person.

For me, motherhood can be divided into the BIG things and the little things. The big being how much you love your family and spending time with them. The little being pretty much everything else, like taking joy in a great cup of coffee, finding ways to make your mom job easier, and finding ways to do little things for yourself like taking an extra step in your beauty routine.

So below is a list of little things for mom & baby’s during their first year together. They would also make wonderful gifts for baby showers!

From Fisher Price:

Premium Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper 
Baby girl didn’t have acid reflux like our son did when he was a baby, so it didn’t even occur to me to get her the Rock ‘n Play soother, but when I found out one was being sent to us, I was super excited to see what all the fuss was about. After a couple weeks with it, I got to say, I completely get it now. The device is lightweight, which is perfect for parents to move all over the house. Plus, the bells and whistles are pretty incredible, too. I mean, it has a light projector that shows three different pictures on the hood. It also slowly rocks back and forth, vibrates, and plays music. Not to mention it also has an app to control the device with your smartphone, which is just cool. If that wasn’t enough, I have the Rock ‘n Play stored behind our glider in the playroom & you wouldn’t even know! The easy fold feature is fabulous.

Now, the instructions clearly state that it can be dangerous to use after a baby can sit-up unassisted. Since she can, we would never attempt to use it for unsupervised play or nap, but even at nine months old, she found the Rock ‘n Play to be engaging and it gives me a safe space to put her for when I’d like to be hands free to interact with our toddler, but again, only when I’m going to be in the same room. From my own observation, when correctly strapped in, even though she can sit-up unassisted, when she tried, she was unable to, and the device did not budge. However, I am not recommending this for a child older than 5 months unless closely supervised.

My only two complaints with the Rock ‘n Play are that I didn’t get it when baby girl was a newborn–it wouldve been fantastic–and that the power cord isn’t a tad longer. That’s it. The rest is awesome! Get yours here!

From Munchkin:

STEP Diaper Pail
I have to admit that I never invested in a diaper pail. We had a tiny thing for dirty clothes when our son was little, but it was too small to be useful. Then when we switched to cloth diapering, I just used wet bags and medium sized trash cans. This served us well in every way save one…the smell. There is nothing quite as staggering as the smell that comes from soiled things sitting in a bag. Every time you lift the lid, you hold your breath, and truly no amount of essential oils in the bottom is enough. It just stinks. So, in the odor department, the Munchkin STEP has my vote as the best diaper pail. It also has a locking system on top to prevent any curious hands from getting inside. Do your nose a favor and add it to your registry! You can feel good about your choice, too, because Munchkin plants a tree for every diaper pail purchased. Buy it here!

Miracle Stainless Steel 360 Sippy Cup

The coolest kid’s sippy cup on the market. Hands down. completely unspillable. Honestly, I tried. I turned it upside & shook it. No leaks. It is the perfect way to teach little’s to drink from a cup and is also ideal for older kids in the car, no messy or sticky cleanups! My only complaint is that there are no adult sizes, I would buy one for myself and my husband because let’s face it adults spill too. Buy yours here!

Shine Stainless Steel Bottle Brush
There are quite a few bottle brushes available to new parents, but what gives this one an edge is the REPLACEABLE brush head and the mini silicone nipple scrubber  hidden in the handle. It saves you from having to by a whole new bottle brush when it gets too old. Amazing! Find yours here!

Latch Bottle
Designed to mimic the feel of mom’s breast, this bottle gives baby a more “real” experience. The nipple has elasticity and an ability to bend that other bottles lack. Also helps to avoid nipple confusion. The one way anti-colic valve in the bottom prevents pressure build up which leads to bubbly milk and upset tummys. Purchase here!

From Mustela:

Diaper Rash Cream 123
A fast acting, but safe & free from parabens diaper rash cream for the toughest red, irritated skin. Since we cloth diaper and this contains Zinc Oxide, we use a liner to protect our cloth, but besides that it’s an easy application that keeps on working hard diaper change after diaper change.

Hydra Bebe Body Lotion 
Perfect for the winter months with baby’s sensitive skin gets dried out. It acts fast to reduce irritation with one of my favorite oils–jojoba. Also ideal for our toddler’s eczema, which goes through phases of flairing up.

Postpartum Stretch Marks Recovery Serum
Stretch marks happen. They happened to me, most of the moms I know, and they probably will happen to you. Then you’ll have a hate/love relationship with them because they represent your hard work of carrying your child, but they also are so far from the body you used to know. The good news is, while you might never get rid if them completely, you can minimize their appearance with a recovery serum. This one from Mustela utilizes avacado peptides to help the healing process. It is also paraben, phthalate, and phenoxyethanol free.  Find it here & use code BABBLEBOXX17 for 15% off Mustela products sitewide thru 02.11.17.

From Vichy:

Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Rich Cream
Being a mom can take a huge toll on your skin. You’re sleep deprived and, if you’re breastfeeding, often times battling dehydration. Then there are the hundred times a day you’ll wash your hands/dishes/laundry. This shows up as ultra dry angry skin which can only be fixed by drinking lots of water, eating well, and making sure you’re treating your skin right by moisturizing it. Vichy’s Hydration Rich Cream, that is 100% paraben free, can help you there! It can also double as a soothing extra step to help you unwind while someone else watches the baby for an extra 5 minutes and is perfect as a winter moisturizer to boot. Use code BABBLE for 20% off your order + free shipping thru 03.31.17 on Vichy’s website!

From Sesame Street Naturals:
All three of these bathtime products are phthalate, paraben, & sulfate-free! They are also composed of superfoods such as apples, blueberries, & carrots. Great for sensitive, soft skin.

B is for Bubble Bath
I’m not a big supporter of bubble bath for baby’s bath time and instead opt to use water and then add soap as I wash each body part. My main reason for this is that our babies have extremely sensitive skin, but as they get older bubble bath for a toddler is awesome! Our son loves to get as many bubbles as possible and then just hang out in there playing for a good half an hour. So, I’m recommending this product as a big sibling gift. It’s something that mom can do just with big brother/sister to carve out special time to help ease any new baby jealousy. If you do use it for baby, a little goes a long way.

Tip, Tummy, & Toe 2-in-1
Perfect for cleaning up little movers, this quick foaming gentle soap will cleanse without over drying. And your toddler will love helping you pump it out.

Spray Me Lotion
By far one of the most intriguing products, I’ve come across. It’s a genius lotion delivery system to wiggly tiny humans. It smells like peaches and is fun to apply (spray a light lotion mist). Also it works in nicely without the gummy oily residue of most lotions.

Find out where to buy Sesame Street Naturals products & get a Buy 2, save $4 discount!

Hope you love this list as much as I do & share with your parent friends! 

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  1. This post was wonderful. I love reading those posts because they are so helpful. I want to get a rock and play for my next baby. Your kids ate so cute!
    Andrea Snow

  2. Oh, I love this. I didn’t have the rock and play but have heard so many wonderful things. I am definitely interested in the Sesame Street Naturals, since I now have a toddler who loves baths! Miracle 360 cups save our home – but I had no idea they came in stainless steel!

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