How to Survive Teething (As Best As You Can)

Logan will be a year old on June 27. He already has 8 teeth and from what I can tell is working on more. Teething for us started early and manifested with tears, screaming, no sleeping, biting, and lots & lots of drooling! It’s been brutal. If I can remember back to those sleep deprived days, I think Logan starting getting his first tooth (Teeth! He got two at once! *sigh*) at two months old. Throughout this teething experience I have definitely figured out what doesn’t work for us. 
We started out doing the typical tricks of the parenting trade, whiskey on the gums! I’m totally kidding, but who hasn’t had that night? The one where you think, “Well maybe just a little…” No, we started out with cold teething rings. Cooled in the fridge, not the freezer since frozen rings are bad for baby’s gums. He didn’t care for teething rings at all. 
Then there was baby Tylenol and Motrin. I can’t stand these medicines and only use them when absolutely necessary. In my experience they always give Logan an upset stomach and they never seem to help his pain much. If they do, it doesn’t last long. In case that wasn’t enough for me to keep Logan away from them, their ingredients are questionable at best. 
I decided I would pump and refrigerate my breast milk hoping the cold would feel nice. Well, Logan is a serious breast is best baby and refused to take it from a bottle or on the tip of a pacifier. There went that idea. 
One night when we were really desperate we turned to a bath. Surely the warm water would soothe, relax, and above all else stop the screaming. It worked great! And then we got him out of the bath…so no good on that idea either.
I had given up hope of finding a way of to soothe and ease this teething right of passage when a twist of fate occurred–we started cloth diapering. I know, you’re saying what does cloth diapering have to do with teething? Everything! Like I said, through a twist of fate while buying cloth diapers, I stumbled upon Punkin Butt Teething Oil at Kiwi Baby Shop (affiliate link). This stuff is amazing! 
The first few times we rubbed it on Logan’s gums he was apprehensive, but now when he sees the bottle he opens his mouth because he knows he’s going to get some relief. I’m so glad we finally found something that works for us! I’m just bummed out it took 10+ months to do it! Just another reason why cloth diapers have changed our lives for the better. 
For the curious parents: Eric and I have both tried Punkin Butt because we wanted to know what Logan was experiencing. It’s actually really delicious. It is a little tingly, but otherwise a smooth minty flavor. 

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