I didn’t know I liked to garden…

wpid-wp-1429632763046.jpegMy parents have had an organic garden for 10+ years now. During my teenage years, I couldn’t have cared less about getting my hands dirty, tilling the earth, and watching things grow. It held no pull for me. I didn’t relish the idea of getting dirt under my nails either. Not because I was afraid to mess up my nails, they’re ALWAYS messed up, but because it just bothered me to have something stuck under them. I couldn’t see the bigger picture. Dirt was just…dirty. Back then, I wasn’t informed about the toxicity of prepackaged food and GMOs.

Fast forward to after college, living in Washington State, where I developed a healthy respect and deep love for the earth, for our national parks, hiking, living green, and buying local & organic. I began to focus more on what I could give back to future generations and less on what I could give myself for instant gratification. I began to discuss the dangers of GMOs. I informed myself on the importance of labeling, of staying away from food dyes and NEVER buying the dirty dozen. I stopped frequenting fast-food joints and chose to instead make my own food.

Zoom ahead even more to when I found out I was pregnant and relocated my growing family back home to San Antonio to be closer to our support system–namely Grandmwpid-wp-1429632811151.jpega and Pop. Only this time, I do CARE about organic gardening. I do care about learning how to recognize various plants, keeping bugs off your leaves without poisoning the soil, composting correctly, how to turn your beds, what to plant where and what doesn’t grow together. I find joy in watching the plants sprout.

My son changed me for the better. Watching him enjoy gardening taught me the value of what my parents had started so many years ago. Logan brought out the joy in the task. His viewpoint is young and fresh. These days, I find myself wanting to get out to the garden, so that he can water, dig in the dirt, harvest carrots, and smell the mint.


What a huge turnaround from the teenager I used to be!


Tomorrow is Earth Day, and it is never too late to start saving & preserving our planet for the next generation, and all generations.

A couple of ideas for celebrating our Earth all year round:

-Plant a tree.
-Buy from local farms.
-Stop buying GMOs.
-Demand our food have the proper labeling.
-Water your plants at proper times.
-Cloth diaper instead of using disposables.
-Live small & green, and teach your children the value of these actions.
-Use less paper products. (i.e. paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates)
-Take shorter showers.
-Volunteer at your local parks.
-Reduce your carbon footprint.
-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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