I took a cloth diapering hiatus & I’m #sorrynotsorry about it! 

A week prior to the Christmas holidays, my Thrive Market order (affiliate link) arrived full of goodies, most notably my coffee creamer and, most unusually, disposable diapers. See, while we have used ‘sposies from time to time when vacationing, if we’re at home I’m cloth diapering. All day, every day. I originally bought these particular packs knowing our anniversary was right around the corner and I intended to make it as easy on Pop and Grammy to watch the kids as possible. But, when Christmas Eve rolled around, in an effort to get K to fit in a 9 month old jumper (she wears 12M already 😰), I opted for a disposable.

I used them all day for our family gathering, then that night at bedtime, and then all the next week & the week after that until now the stash is almost gone. I haven’t touched our cloth diapers in two plus weeks and I initially felt guilty. I felt like I wasn’t doing my bit for the environment and like I wasn’t living up to the person, mom, woman I want to be, but thanks to my husband I realized I needed to cut myself some slack. 

I just needed a break from the intense laundry. All of it, mine & my husband’s, our son’s and the baby’s clothing, & the cloth diapers. It had just become too overwhelming at the end of a stressful year. This tiny break from cloth diapering was a gift to myself and I’m finally ready to jump back in, but I’m not sorry I strayed from the path. It was worth it. Sometimes mom’s just need a break.

P.S. I received this mustache fitted from Cheeky Cloth & I cannot wait to get it on the bum! I mustache for your thoughts! 😂

Sidenote: The disposables we use are Bambo Nature and if you’re going to use a disposable with very little guilt and no worry that your kid is getting exposed to chemicals, these are the ones! The fit super well (she wears size 3 at 16lbs) and they have never leaked on us! 

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  1. I only found out about cloth diapers after my son was officially potty trained, and when I did, I always wondered what the “washing” process would be like. Although much better for the environment, was it truly that much work? If I ever have a second child, I definitely want to inform myself more.

    1. We didn’t start cloth diapering our son until he was 9 months old, but by time he was being potty trained, I was pregnant and I had the most incredible stash of diapers, so we started cloth diapering baby girl at just a few days old. Truly the washing routine isn’t that much work. Especially if you don’t have hard well water like we do. It requires a bit extra on my part to get them clean. But if you’re interested in doing it for a second baby, I highly recommend it. Definitely better for the environment, but also much better for baby’s skin.

  2. I had every intention of cloth diapering Ari — I had the diapers, inserts, disposable inserts, etc — but being a new mom was way too overwhelming for me (he was a very colicky baby). So when we found out we were expecting Remy, I decided right then and there that I didn’t want to even venture into it. I just knew how much I struggle postpartum and I knew I couldn’t hack it 🙁 But I give mad props to those mamas that do!

    Funny story – a girl I work with texted me tonight and said “Hey, I meant to ask you — if I was stereotyping you I would totally say that you would cloth diaper. Why don’t you?” Hahaha! I was like “Yep, I’m definitely crunchy!” ha! But this is the one part of crunchiness I don’t do 🙁

    1. I do love them! They’re really easy when you get a good rhythm. And you’re right there are soooo many cute ones! I have to reign myself in from buying more. Haha

    1. Omg! Yes! She just started more solids and I forgot all about laying down bio-liners. *shiver* So much spray work. Lolol

  3. I am so interested in cloth diapering with my second little one! I wish I had known more about it with my first. I probably would have at least tried it! I feel awful using so many disposable diapers.

    1. Oh, me too. I’m so conscious of all the trash I create with I use disposables instead of our cloth. It kinda knaws away at me. You should definitely check it out for baby #2.

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