It’s a wonderful life; and I’m taking it for granted.

In the past couple months, I’ve been feeling much too sorry for myself. 

It all started with Logan falling outside and breaking his tooth. Then followed the dentist trip straight out of hell. Not naming names, but we had to hold our son down while they worked on his tooth. He screamed bloody murder, broke blood vessels in his face, and we all left traumatized. Shortly after, Logan and I fell in our hallway. He was fine; I was not. Stitches and a busted up nose later, I was on the mend.

However the craziness was far from over because Logan fell AGAIN. This time at the playground. He chipped his other front tooth and busted up his lower lip resulting in a drive straight over to a new dentist. The bad news didn’t end as they proceeded to tell us that he needed to be put under and have crowns placed on his top four teeth. Apparently his enamel is thinning at an alarming rate. To start with, the idea of putting our child under anesthesia is horrifying for me. I, myself, have never been put under, so it’s such a foreign concept. Combine that the crazy mess of bills we’re looking at, and I am freaking out.

This spiral of, let’s call it “bad luck,” ended with me walking right into our wooden chest and bruising my toe to the point it looked broken. If you guessed, I bet you’d say we’re looking forward to the close of 2014 and the start of a fresh year. You’d be right.

But my feeling sorry for myself is a waste of time, and in fact, a bit offensive. I HAVE A WONDERFUL LIFE. I have a beautiful son, a loving husband, and terrific family. I do not have any reason to feel like I’ve been dealt an unfair hand. Plenty of people in the world have, but I’m not one of them.

I wrote a blog post last week about hyper-consumerism not being in the spirit of the season. I stand by it 100%, but how can I say that and not also say that self-pity isn’t in the spirit of the season either? I can’t, that’s how.

Never in my life have I been without something that I needed. And very rarely have I gone without something that I wanted. But there are so many people who go without the basics: shelter, food, and clothes. For me to take my life for granted is to metaphorically spit on their struggles.

My life may not be perfect, but my son is. He is the best thing I’ve ever done. He brings so much joy and light to the world. I should never be unhappy a day in my life because he is here with me.

So, from now on, I’m going to be more appreciative and really get into the spirit of the season.

I hope you all have very happy holidays!

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