It’s not a thankless job, but it can feel that way… #SAHM #mommyhood #momlife

I’ve heard it said that, much like being a teacher, being a stay at home mom (SAHM) can be a thankless job. It’s not, but it sure can feel that way when you never exactly hear the words, “thanks for all your hard work.” No one holds an award ceremony where you’re honored as employee of the month or MVP. You’re just you. Mom. 365 days a year. 24 hours a day…you live and breathe another person’s needs. It’s exhausting and rewarding and definitely not thankless, but your sweet partner may forget to actually say out loud how awesome you are from time to time. Trust me, they know it’s true. You’re raising their children, washing their clothes, cooking their meals, cleaning their home. They know your worth. You are valued.

Now, the reason I don’t believe it to be thankless is that your thanks comes from healthy beautiful children at the end of the day. It comes from precious moments that other parents may miss out on when they’re away at work. It comes from the loving hugs and sloppy kisses. Thank you comes from your partner telling you that there is no one quite like you or that they couldn’t possibly do what you do. I can’t express how good it feels to have my husband tell me that he’d rather go to work than stay home with the kids. It’s not because he doesn’t love our children, he does, but being home with your kids day-in and day-out is hard.

For starters, you have very little adult interaction. You talk in these bizarre question statements never expecting much of a real anwser, but feeling the need to voice the question all the same. i.e. Where are your pants? Why are you wet? Why is this sticky? Would you like a…banana, sandwich, cookie, fruit snack, juice box, etc. And you do this weird question dance All. Day. Long. You are solely responsible for making sure said tiny human is fed, changed, and bathed in a timely fashion. It can be at bit maddening. Maddening to the point where you’d like to lock yourself in a room for a few minutes just to have a moment to yourself, but then you look at your beautiful children and you couldn’t imagine being away from them. It’s a crazy, amazing kind of love.

But still after all that, it’s just nice to hear the words, so thank you. Thank you to all the SAHMs out there. You children, your partner, and society appreciate you. You have a tough job and in my opinion, you’re always the MVP. 😘

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